The Azim Steppe is a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Profile[edit | edit source]

A vast expanse of grassland that stretches across the far reaches of northern Othard, the Azim Steppe is said to be the ancestral home of the Au Ra, and remains to this day the home of the nomadic Xaela clan. Devout worshipers of the Dawn Father and the Dusk Mother─Azim and Nhaama─the Xaela are known for their unique set of beliefs. They are divided into fifty different tribes, all of which are very territorial and are engaged in a constant and fierce battle for land. The people of each tribe are led by their "Khan" or leader, and in turn they are all led by the Khagan, who can be replaced yearly through tribal combat known as the "Naadam". The culture of these Xaela are based on Mongolian tribes, mirroring certain names, customs and fashions.

Locations[edit | edit source]

These vast grasslands are home to many nomadic Xaela tribes.

Aetherytes[edit | edit source]

There are Aetherytes located in the following three areas:

  • Reunion, North of the Ruby Sea passage.
  • The Dawn Throne, in the center of the map.
  • Dhoro Iloh, west most of the map, it is also home to the Namazu beast tribe

Areas[edit | edit source]

The Azim Steppe contains the following areas:

  • The Sea of Blades - Grasslands area to the east.
  • Onsal Hakair - Mountainous area to the north.
  • The Towering Still - Mountainous area to the west, also supports a network of caves.
  • Azim Khaat - The center area, containing giant stone structures that look like fingers, and a bowl structure that overlooks the Azim Steppe.
  • Nhaama's Retreat - Grasslands leading to the Nhaama Desert.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Reunion[edit | edit source]

Used by traders from all over to sell their various wares, considered neutral ground and guarded by the Qestir Tribe.

Mol Iloh[edit | edit source]

Home of the Mol Tribe, who rely on the Gods to guide them in their daily lives. They tend to move their camp to continue supporting their livestock in the harsh environment.

Dotharl Khaa[edit | edit source]

Home of the Dotharl Tribe. In the language of the Steppe, "khaa" means spring, which is located at the center of their tribe. It is a rare oasis in the deathly dry climes of the Nhaama Desert.

The Dawn Throne[edit | edit source]

Holy Land to the Xaela, said to be sculpted by the hands of Azim the Dawn Father and birthplace of his son. Azim's face is etched into the base of the province. Currently home to the Oronir and Buduga Tribes.

Weather[edit | edit source]

The Azim Steppe's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

  • Fair Skies
  • Rain
  • Clouds
  • Wind
  • Gales

Places of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Ragill's Reckoning - Defensive wall outside the tribe of Reunion, presumably created to keep out the beasts and establish a more permanent position for the mostly-nomadic Xaela tribes.
  • Path of the Craven - Broken wooden bridge northeast of Reunion, leading across The Wound where presumably more Xaela tribes live.
  • Qerel Iloh - A Qerel camp destroyed by the Chaghan, an offshoot of their people taken to madness by their inner beast.
  • Kahkol Iloh - Broken down settlement of the Kahkol tribe, ravaged by disease and the Buduga.
  • The Dusk Throne - A massive statue depicting Nhaama, the Dusk Mother, half-sunken in the sands of the desert of the same namesake.
  • Ceol Aen - Xaelan monument of ancient stone pillars, engraved with tribal songs of the Steppe, and said to sing themselves when the wind takes them.
  • The Uyagir Caves - Once home to the Uyangir tribe, the caves have since been taken by the hostile Matanga, a race of Oliphant-like beastmen known to slaughter Xaela for the pleasure alone.
  • Chakha Zoh - Tomb of the revered Xaela Chakha, who faced a fierce dragon to protect her people. Tribes that triumph at the Nadaam will customarily lay offerings at her shrine.
  • The House of the Crooked Coin - A monument of unknown origin, believed to be a shard of Nhaama. Those of the Dotharl will traditionally throw themselves into the crevasse to break their cycle of reincarnation.

These named rivers run from the lake at the bottom of the Dawn Throne, they are called "Khaal" which means river.

  • Hak Khaal
  • Rai Khaal
  • Nem Khaal
  • Tao Khaal
  • Yat Khaal

Activities[edit | edit source]

Duties[edit | edit source]

Bardam's Mettle.

Bardam's Mettle Bardam's Mettle
Level 65
Item Level 250
Entrance found at coordinates (11, 11).

If you are to participate in the Naadam and fight alongside the Mol, you must first be recognized as a warrior of the Steppe. To earn this honor, you will be required to complete a rite of passage involving walking in the footsteps of the legendary hero Bardam and taming a yol. Each must do this by themselves, of course, and so you shall...though if by pure coincidence some of your fellow adventurers happened to have made the long journey to the Far East, and simply insisted on accompanying you...surely no one would be any the wiser?
The Great Hunt.

The Great Hunt The Great Hunt
Level 70
Item level 320
Entrance found at coordinates (11, 11).

The Hunt has always been simple business. Snatch a bill from the board, seek out your quarry, and claim your bounty. A peculiar posting in Kugane, however, has complicated matters. What began as a simple hunt in the Azim Steppe has quickly escalated into a harrowing undertaking, with a strange new Felyne companion, and even stranger prey─Rathalos, king of the skies. With mega potion in hand, you venture into the mountains. But do you have what it takes to stand against his fiery fury?
The Great Hunt (Extreme).

The Great Hunt (Extreme) The Great Hunt (Extreme)
Level 70
Item level 350
Entrance found at coordinates (11, 11).

You believed the day won with the Rathalos brought low, but a recently made friend─and alleged hunting rival─brings news to the contrary. There yet exist Rathalos of an older, more powerful brood─a higher rank, if you will. The Hunt beckons you back to the Azim Steppe for greater trials and the chance for still greater bounties.

FATEs[edit | edit source]

  • The Dataqi Chronicles - A series of FATEs in which players assist in the endeavors of the Dataqi tribe. Successfully completing the final FATE in the chain rewards housing items to participants.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Once unlocked, the daily quests for the Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven (Namazu beast tribe) can be accessed in Doro Iloh.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

The daytime theme for the Azim Steppe is Drowning in the Horizon, while the nighttime theme is He Rises Above.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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