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The Azi Dahaka is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2 that appears in the Farplane during Chapter 5. If the player tries to pass through one of the electrical gates without deactivating them, they will be forced to fight Azi Dahaka — a powerful enemy with over 100,000 HP.

If Azi Dahaka is defeated at the Farplane, it can also appear on certain floors in the Via Infinito.

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The best way for players to deal with Azi Dahaka is to have a high level party (around level 50–60) containing one or two Alchemists with Mega-Potion. The remaining one or two party members should be either Dark Knights or Berserkers. The Alchemist(s) should constantly use Mega-Potion whenever Azi Dahaka attacks to keep the party's HP up, and another party member should revive any KOed members so the Alchemist can continue using Mega-Potions. The player can also use the Gunner & Cat Nip trick to tackle Azi Dahaka in the original PlayStation 2 versions.

Berserker can use use Eject on Azi Dahaka for an instant win, but it has a low success rate. Escaping is possible; players can commence with three Thieves and have them steal, then flee to procure a plentiful supply of items.

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To enter the Aeon Cup in the Fiend Arena, the player must capture and raise the story levels of eight special creatures. These creatures will immediately be available to be released upon capture, however, what the player has to do is raise their story levels by three and then release them. This will change that particular creature into an aeon. Azi Dahaka is one of these eight creatures, capable of being changed into Bahamut.

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Azi Dahaka Coin
Silver Azi Dahaka Coin
Gold Azi Dahaka Coin
Coin No. 50 Coin Value 7
Trait Rare Item
Location Win from the Marrrvelous Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.
Found in the Central Expanse of the Bikanel Desert.

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Aži Dahāka (also known as Zahhak) is an evil figure in Iranian folklore said to reside in an impregnable fortress and instigate terror by eating men. He is overthrown by the hero Fereyedun.

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