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As the Desert Moon's right hand, Azhar commands the utmost respect

Desert Moon member

Azhar is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He is a member of the Desert Moon, the commander's right hand and Matoya's son. He can be seen in the secret hideout under Gardenia Slums.



Azhar wears a yellow cloak, purple pants and a green shirt. He has a tan wrap around his head.


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Azhar first meets the Warriors of Darkness in the Gardenia Slums. He gives them the task to gain the trust of four people here. After, he sends them to meet Matoya, Desert Moon's leader. While the leader and the Warriors of Darkness are attacking the Imperial Forward Camp, Desert Moon members are attacked by Imperial soldiers. By the time Matoya makes it back to the secret hideout, Azhar is critically injured. Before dying, he asks Matoya for forgiveness and says that she was the only mother he knew.

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