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Azeyma, the Warden, is one of the Twelve in Final Fantasy XIV. She is the keeper of the sun and goddess of inquiry, commands the element of fire and is tied to the Fifth Astral Moon (ninth month). She is depicted as a noble lady holding a golden fan, and her symbol is the radiant sun. She is the mother of Llymlaen and Nophica, the elder sister of Menphina, and the daughter of Althyk and Nymeia.[2]


Creation myth[]

According to the creation myth, in the beginning there was neither light nor darkness. Eventually Althyk and Nymeia emerged. Althyk, seeking companionship, took the youngest goddess under His wing and cared for Her as if she were a daughter. However, as Nymeia grew, so did their love, until it could no longer be contained, culminating in the birth of two daughters, Azeyma, the sun, and Menphina, the moon, and with their advent, day and night was conceived. When Thaliak used the Nymeia's tears to form a river to carry that water to the far corners of the realm. Azeyma, drawn to Thaliak's sagacity, professed Her love to the new deity and begot Him two daughters; Llymlaen and Nophica.[3]

When the Twelve considered their work in Eorzea complete, they proceeded to create a realm in which they could reside and watch over their creation, thus leaving the rule of Eorzea to mankind. This realm is known as the seven heavens that were associated with each of the six elements. In the Heaven of Fire, Nald'thal built an endless city out of golden bricks fired in the heat of the Azeyma's sun. It is believed that after death the just and the fair, the honest and the philanthropic reside in the Heaven of Fire. While the Hell of Fire is where burn those who wrongly judged their peers, those who tricked their customers, and those who gave and received douceurs. This Heaven is represented in Sharlayan astrology by the constellation of the Balance.[4][5]

Eorzean worship[]

The meracydian cathedral in Azys Lla.

During the Third Astral Era, the Allagans visited Meracydia and found a symbol almost identical to the one they used for Azeyma in various types of architecture. However, the Meracydians did not worship Azeyma, but used the symbol to worship a deity called Sephirot. The Meracydian tribe believed that Sephirot was a massive tree, and since all plants require light to grow and thrive, the tribe believed that their god also bathed in the brightness of the sun. This led the Allagans to conclude that the Meracydian symbol for the sun, and the Allagan symbol for Azeyma (sun goddess) must both have the same origins, and that in the past, this symbol addressed several different regions across the globe, the evolution of its meaning differing slightly depending on the location.[6]

The Allagans moved a Meracydian cathedral to Azys Lla to investigate the connection between faith and the primal summoning. However, the information that reached the Allagan population was limited and some people copied the symbols on new structures. When the Fourth Umbral Calamity happened, much of this knowledge was lost. The superstitious survivors saw the symbols on ruins still intact after the Calamity, and came to believe that these symbols served as a protective charm.[6]

Millennia later, when Belah'dia was founded with Azeyma as its matron deity, they naturally incorporated the symbols associated with the deity into the architecture of their temples. Among these temples was the Sunken Temple of Qarn, which was originally an even older temple that tha Belah'dians came to use to worship Azeyma.[6] In modern times, Azeyma is traditionally worshipped mainly by the Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te.

Azeyma has two saints canonized by the Council of Loetstym. The first is Saint Anselmer, a newly appointed judge refused to take bribes and restored the rule of law to a corrupt city. The second is Saint Norvello, a mercenary who lost her life when she pursued a group of bandits and rescued someone they had captured from a camp.[7]

During the end of the Sixth Astral Era, an organization of civilians called Azeyma's Shields emerged. The Azeyma's Shields were one of the three most influential factions in Eorzea. They proclaimed themselves protectors of the weak and enemies of evil.[8]

In preparation for the Seventh Umbral Calamity, the archon Louisoix Leveilleur carved the symbols of the Twelve across Eorzea and encouraged adventurers to pilgrimage and pray to the Twelve. When the Calamity finally arrived, Louisoix used the accumulated aether from the prayers to summon a primal manifestation of the Twelve in an attempt to defend the realm from the elder primal Bahamut.[9][10]

Myths of the Realm[]

The Twelve reveal themselves to the Warrior of Light.

After the events of Final Days, the Warrior of Light, along with G'raha Tia and Deryk, investigated a mysterious phantom realm. During the investigation, Byregot, Rhalgr, Azeyma and Nald'thal make an appearance claiming to be of true divinity and not mere primals, they warned the explorers that they were intruding upon the realm of the gods, and revealed their intention to replace the now deceased Hydaelyn as Will of the Star. They then challenged the Warrior to gather as as many allies that they could to stop their "ascension" before leaving.[10]

After the Warrior traveled through the Heavens of Lightning and Fire and bested them in combat, the gods revealed their claims of taking over the world were a lie to spur the Warrior into action, and referred to the Warrior and their comrades as their "children". They reaffirmed they were not primals, but true divinities. When questioned further, the Twelve refused to divulge their exact nature as they were unable to do so at the time, but stated they had "hopes" similar to mortals. They told the Warrior to continue challenging the other gods to face further trials and uncover what they actually were before leaving.[10]




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After creating a character and choosing a birth date, players must align to one of the twelve deities. Originally, this slightly raised the character's elemental resistances based on the element of the chosen deity. As of Patch 4.2, elemental resistance stats were removed, leaving this decision with no in game effect.


Azeyma is the third opponent faced in the Aglaia Aglaia raid, faced in the Heaven of Fire.

Triple Triad[]

Azeyma Card
Azeyma Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 335
Total stats 22
Type None
Description Keeper of the sun and goddess of inquiry, Azeyma is most often depicted as a beautiful noble lady holding a golden fan─and so does she appear in Aglaia. Though this manifestation welcomes curiosity as a patron of inquiry ought, she is also wont to test pilgrims with unbridled ferocity...
Obtain Won from Prudence in Mor Dhona (30, 12).


Stone with Azeyma's symbol in A Realm Reborn.

The Living on a Prayer quest in version 1.0 required the player to visit all the Twelve symbols throughout Eorzea. Once completed this rewarded with the ring of one of the Twelve, this included the Azeyma's Ring Azeyma's Ring. Although the original quest was removed with the re-release of the game, in patch 2.45 the quest The Ties That Bind The Ties That Bind was added, which repeats the same pilgrimage through the marks of the Twelve. The mark of Azeyma is located near the Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan. Prior to the Calamity, it could be found in the Sandgate area of Eastern Thanalan, on a cliff overlooking the Grand Wake desert.

Azeyma's Shields icon.

In version 1.0, Azeyma's Shields was one of three levequest factions. Conclusion of a levequest sponsored by a particular faction rewarded with credits and increases the influence of the faction in the area where the levequest was completed. The more influence a faction had over an area, the better the rewards offered for completing a levequest sponsored by that faction. In turn, factions with less influence in an area offered extra credits in order to attract adventurers to choose their sponsored tasks. A faction's influence in any area could be confirmed at the area's governing aetheryte camp or aetherial gate. Faction credits earned after completing leveling quests could be used to gain access to special quests.[8]

The Bard ability The Warden's Paean The Warden's Paean alludes to Her. It removes one select detrimental effect from self or target party member. If the target is not enfeebled, a barrier is created nullifying the target's next detrimental effect suffered. The Astrologian card The Balance The Balance represents the Heaven of Fire, the card artwork depicts Azeyma holding a scale with Her and Nald'thal's symbols in the background.

The minion Wind-up Azeyma Wind-up Azeyma is a potential reward drop from Aglaia raid.

Behind the scenes[]

In Letter from the Producer LIVE XXVII it was noted the similarities between Azeyma the Warden and Azim, the sun god of the Xaela Au Ra.[11] Eventually this topic appeared as an in-game theory with Urianger Augurelt theorizing that there may be a connection not only between Azeyma and Azim but also with the Ancient Azem.

The version 1.0 sidequest "Hearing Confession" involves seeking out followers of Azeyma.

The Azeyma Rose is beloved of the Warden. Its oil is used as incense at Stillglade Fane and is beloved by Sylphs.

There is an age-old Lalafellin faerie tale which tells the story of a trader eel who swam so far upstream that he eventually arrived at the very gates of the goddess Azeyma's palace. So impressed was the Warden with the wavekin's perseverance, that She gifted him with a cloak woven from rays of the sun.[12]