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Azdaja is a a dragon in Final Fantasy XIV, one of the first brood.


Azdaja is a great wyrm born from one of the seven eggs of Midgardsormr. She was the one, who looked after the egg of her youngest brother, Vrtra, after Midgardsormr entered dormancy. This caring made Azdaja and Vrtra nearly inseparable, after the latter was born.

During the Third Astral Era, the resurrected Allagan Emperor Xande formed a pact with the Cloud of Darkness from the Void. This pact allowed Xande to use voidsent as part of his armies to invade the southern continent of Meracydia. In the chaos of this conflict, Azdaja's eldest brother, Bahamut, fell to Allagans. Tiamat, Azdaja's sister, called out to her kin for assistance, and both Azdaja and Vrtra answered. But no matter how many voidsent the dragons took out, more would emerge from a voidrift. In a desperate attempt to deprive the Allagans from reinforcements, Azdaja flew directly into a voidrift in an attempt to seal it. She succeeded, but as a result, the rift closed up behind her, leaving her trapped within the Void, the remains of what used to be the thirteenth reflection of the Source. Vrtra would ultimately be the only one who would have actual knowledge of his sister's noble sacrifice as, unsurprisingly, the Allagans wouldn't record the event in their archives as to their eyes, it appeared that a dragon beset by madness plunged into the void with no thought of self-preservation. The loss of Azdaja weighed heavily upon Vrtra, who kept hoping that she survived.

Vrtra eventually discovered a planar fissure leading to the Void beneath the waters of the Bounty. Due to this, he took the island of Thavnair as his abode in order to study the fissure and find a way to save Azdaja. After the founding of the of Radz-at-Han, Vrtra employed its alchemists to study the fissure. Eventually, they were able to expand it, so that a child could walk through. Using one of his eyes by placing it in a simulacrum of such child, Vrtra attempted to enter the fissure to search for Azdaja, only to be overwhelmed by voidsent. Vrtra, understanding that any opening to the Void was too dangerous, decided to seal the fissure and abandoned his efforts to find Azdaja, focusing on governing Thavnair as its shadowy satrap, yet the sorrow of losing his brood-sister weighed upon him for years to come.

Though when the Scions began their preparation to travel to Ultima Thule to forestall the Final Days, Vrtra called out to his siblings to convince their sire to aid the Scions. Tiamat and Hraesvelgr both agreed but as Vrtra expected, Azdaja's response was silence.

Sometime after ending the Final Days, the fissure was rediscovered by the Warrior of Light, Y'shtola Rhul, Estinien Varlineau, Urianger Augurelt and G'raha Tia. Y'shtola was particularly interested in the fissure, since she believed that by studying it, she might discover the means of traveling between the Source and its reflections. Vrtra told them the story of Azdaja's sacrifice, understanding that her silence to Vrtra's call was never out of spite but because she was lost to a place no roar could reach, and his efforts to find her. Y'shtola, intending to study the matter, offered the help Vrtra to search for his sister, which he agreed to, after his people encouraged their beloved satrap to save his sister.



As of the version 6.1, Azdaja has not been seen physically. From some images, it can be seen she has similar long serpentine body like her other siblings.


Not much is known about Azdaja's personality, but she was a very loving sister to her brother Vrtra, having cared for him as an egg and hatchling as their father entered dormancy. She can also be described as bold, brave and selfless, as she sacrificed herself to stop the Voidsent invasion against her kin.