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A man of Ishgard, and Lord Commander of the Temple Knights. Though not of noble birth, by virtue of his countless accomplishments, he rose in rank and achieved his current station. As the war against dragonkind rages on, he risks life and limb to protect his people.

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Ser Aymeric de Borel, also known as Aymeric the Blue, is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was introduced in patch 2.4 as a representative of Ishgard to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and holds a key role in bringing reform to the Holy See from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward onwards.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Ser Aymeric was born the illegitimate son of Thordan VII, having risen to the ranks of Lord Commander of the Temple Knights despite the social stigma held against him. After the Holy See's long silence towards the other city-states, Ser Aymeric called for a meeting with Alphinaud Leveilleur at Camp Dragonhead. Requesting the Warrior of Light to accompany him, Lord Haurchefant showed them to the fort's intercessory where the meeting would take place.

After exchanging pleasantries, Alphinaud urged that Ishgard rejoin the Eorzean Alliance due to persistent threat posed by primals and the Garlean Empire. Aymeric disagreed, as the Ixal had so far directed all hostilities to Gridania and not the Holy See, and thus had deemed Natalan to not be a threat. While cognizant of the Garlean threat and the potential invasion, the current garrisons had remained quiet since Gaius van Baelsar's death, and so Ishgard saw no urgency. On top of all, Ishgard's knights were devoted to the Dragonsong War with the Dravanian Horde.

When Alphinaud asked why he called the meeting if Ishgard's policy had not changed, Aymeric clarified he came not just as a representative. In exchange for ensuring the supplies to Revenant's Toll continued, he asked that the Keeper of the Lake in Mor Dhona be watched closely. The Dragonstar had brightened and Ishgard's astrologians believed it to herald the resurrection of the wyrmking Midgardsormr.

As Alphinaud agreed with Aymeric's terms, a House Fortemps knight burst in to inform Iceheart's Harriers had raided another caravan. In investigating the incident, Alphinaud realized the heretics were trying to summon their Saint Shiva as a primal. With the threat of heretics escalating, Aymeric dispatched his Temple Knights to Whitebrim Front to assist Lord Drillemont's men in investigating Snowcloak.

After an exploratory search in the Snowcloak tunnel system ended with Iceheart escaping through an Aetheryte, a merchant was caught dealing with the heretics near the Observatorium. The merchant was wanted by the Crystal Braves for his connections to an imperial spy known as "the Ivy". After being interrogated by Marshal Ilberd, the merchant was turned over to the Temple Knights for further questioning.

Once the threat of Shiva was eliminated, Aymeric called another meeting in Dragonhead. This being the first time the Holy See had to deal with a primal, he thanked the Scions for their aid, as otherwise it was unlikely their knights could have handled such a being. Ishgard had stayed out of the primal affairs, since despite losing two Vigils to the Dravanian Horde, Garuda never stormed the Gates of Judgment. Aymeric noted the incident with Shiva could lead to a change of policy.

Do you know what sort of man becomes lord commander of the Temple Knights? One who comes from good stock. I did not, yet here I am. Now why do you suppose that is? Because I swiftly learned to tell the difference between words, deeds, and beliefs.


As the subject returned to the matter of the Keeper of the Lake, Alphinaud accused the Holy See of using Revenant's Toll to protect its southern front. Aymeric confirmed, as it had everything to gain from the settlement flourishing and denying the Horde an avenue of assault. The nobles of Ishgard were reluctant to open trust to outsiders, a stance Aymeric would attempt to improve through his station. He introduced Lucia goe Junius, the taciturn knight standing beside him, as his second-in-command, and asked them to speak with her if he could not be reached in the future.

Aymeric oversaw the defense of Ishgard due to Nidhogg's song rallying the Dravanian Horde. Matters were complicated due to Lady Iceheart sabotaging the outermost ward of Daniffens' Collar rendering the city-state more vulnerable, and Aymeric had no choice but to ask Alphinaud to gather aid from the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance. With the aid of adventurers, sellswords, the Crystal Braves, and the Warrior of Light, the main host was routed, with Nidhogg's champion Vishap slain at the Steps of Faith.

Ser Aymeric and Lucia attended the Sultana's banquet in Ul'dah where he intended to formally thank the Eorzean Alliance for their contribution and vouched to recommend that the Holy See joins forces with the other city-states. As Teledji Adeledji arrived several templars from Ishgard brought word of another Dravanian assault. As Aymeric and Lucia left despite the suspicious circumstances, they did not witness the fateful events that transpired after.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Aymeric used his position as Lord Commander to assist the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud. While preparing to bolster the defenses, Aymeric agreed to Alphinaud's request to not mount a counterattack against the Dravanian Horde. Alphinaud, the Warrior of Light, and Estinien—while kept in the dark of their goal to find Ysayle—journeyed to Dravania to try to parlay with the Dravanian Horde. When the group returned and relayed to Aymeric what they learned about the true history of Ishgard, he insisted on confronting Thordan VII to expose the truth hidden from Ishgard's people for the good of their nation.

Father, please! Why must you do this, Father!? Nidhogg is fallen! There is no need for further deception! Now is the time to renounce the lies which led us down this path—to start anew!


After Thordan explained his reasons, a speechless Aymeric was placed in the Vault for interrogation while labeled a heretic and his command over the Temple Knights was taken by the Heavens' Ward. When the Warrior of Light's party rescued him, Aymeric again tried to reason with Thordan as he and his knights left to find the key to Azys Lla. Aymeric remained to keep order in Ishgard while the Warrior of Light and their allies pursued the Archbishop. In the aftermath of Thordan's death, Aymeric intended to make amends for his ancestors' actions. Assuming leadership of Ishgard until canon law, feeling he could not step down for voted successor to his father in light of recent events, Aymeric signed his country's entry into the Eorzean Alliance.

The attempt on Ser Aymeric's life

Aymeric found his noble intent to expose the truth of the Dragonsong War caused the clergy and commoners to refuse to accept the truth and believe Thordan was deposed of by traitorous means. To assuage the fear in the populace, Aymeric sent Lucia and the Scions to Anyx Trine to have peace talks with Vidofnir. As Vidofnir accepted peace after speaking with her sire Hraesvelgr on the matter, Aymeric was nearly killed by an assassin under the True Brotherhood of the Faith who also orchestrated a widespread arson. Aymeric survived thanks to Count Edmont and Lord Artoirel's intervention.

After the arson was investigated, the fundamentalists took several refugees had they lured into the Vault hostage to force Aymeric to have himself be tried for patricide and treason. Aymeric, Artoirel, and the Scions entered the Vault to rescue the hostages. Though the leader of the fundamentalists threw a captive girl named Maelie off the Vault, she was saved by Vidofnir who relayed a message to Aymeric from Hraesvelgr that Nidhogg and his brood were on the move.

Aymeric and Vidofnir at the peace conference.

Ser Aymeric planned to hold a peace conference in Falcon's Nest with the dragons of Dravania, with Vidofnir as representative of her father's brood. These plans were soured by protesters still uneasy at making peace with the nation's ancient enemies, along with Lord Emmanellain's poor handling that resulted in a protester being shot with arrows. In an effort to raise spirits before the conference, Aymeric held the Grand Melee planned between the Grand Companies and the Holy See outside the Gates of Judgment. Emmanellain asked to participate to redeem himself and Aymeric asked the Warrior of Light to participate on behalf of Ishgard as a beacon of hope. The spectacle concluded with a duel between the Warrior of Light and Flame General Aldynn.

With the tensions lowered, Aymeric went ahead with the peace conference. It started well, Aymeric delivering a stirring speech to let go of their hate and pain for the future while presenting a sculpture depicting Hraesvelgr and Saint Shiva to symbolize his resolve to Vidofnir. The conference ended on a sour note when Nidhogg, possessing Estinien's body, wounded Vidofnir while declaring that the final chorus of the Dragonsong War was nigh, and none would escape his fury. Realizing the threat Nidhogg posed, Aymeric took up a bow and shot Nidhogg to little effect. As the great wyrm assumed his true form and flew off, he inspired hateful jeers from the citizens present. Aymeric whispered a vow unheard over the cries of "Death to Nidhogg!".

With the reborn Nidhogg preparing for a final assault against Ishgard, Aymeric resolved to appeal for aid from Hraesvelgr despite the dragon's earlier refusal to help. He asks the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud to accompany him. Hraesvelgr was convinced by their resolve to put forth a trial to test their might. While the Warrior of Light battled Hraesvelgr, Aymeric was challenged by the dragon's child, Vedrfolnir. Satisfied by the trial's results, Hraesvelgr agreed to aid them in battling Nidhogg, and traveled to Ishgard with the Warrior of Light's group. While Hraesvelgr and the Warrior destroyed Nidhogg, Aymeric helped in the fight against Nidhogg's brood.

Upon Nidhogg's death and the end of the Dragonsong War, Aymeric performed what he intended to be his final deed as acting head of state: ending Ishgard's thousand-year-old theocracy and establishing a republic in its stead. Intending to step down from power afterward, he was, much to his chagrin, immediately elected to the highest position in the new House of Lords. Resigned to his ongoing role, labeled by some as a new Azure Dragoon, Aymeric pledged to continue bring about changes to Ishgard and support the Eorzean Alliance.

Aymeric paid a visit to the Firmament after the conclusion of the Ishgardian Restoration project to personally thank both the Warrior of Light and Francel for their hard work and leadership. He lamented being unable to spend more time with them, but that he had stolen away from his duties as Ishgard's leader to speak with them.

Aymeric wrote his thanks to the Skybuilders for their efforts various times through the Ishgardian Restoration project after every major stage of the Firmament's progress.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

As part of the Eorzean Alliance, Aymeric led Ishgard's forces during the liberation of Ala Mhigo and gathered with the other city-state leaders. During the final assault against the imperial forces in the city, Aymeric led the charge into Ala Mhigo's castle after the Warrior of Light defeated the Magitek Scorpion.

During the parley between Eorzean Alliance and Garlean Empire, he acted as the representative of Ishgard. He reasoned to emperor Varis soz Galvus how Ishgard had been founded on lies, but eventually reformed and signed peace with their lifelong enemies. Yet even this prospect did nothing to sway Varis's views.

He was later present after the battle in Ghimlyt Dark, once Estinien pulled the fallen Warrior of Light from battle and brought them to the chirurgeons. He informed them about the recovery of Alisaie Leveilleur's body, and that Estinien had left not too long after he brought the Warrior to safety.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

When the Warrior of Light was occupied with finding a cure for tempering, they happened to run into each other. Aymeric was excited to see them, and upon learning they were looking for a secure means of trade with the Skysteel Manufactory regarding large amounts of crystals, he promised to provide them with any amount of aether crystals that were needed. He was amid speaking with the Zundu's tribe leader, Sonu Vanu, about longer prosperity and peace between Ishgard and the beast-tribes of Coerthas and Dravania.

He accompanied the Eorzean Alliance to several meetings in Ala Mhigo once the Telophoroi towers began to appear across Eorzea. He promised Ishgard's assistance in studying the towers and efforts to disarm them. When the beast-tribes of Eorzea were welcomed to the table, Aymeric was initially uncertain as to how to navigate conversation, as their cultures were quite different. However, he was warm to welcome all leaders to the newly founded Grand Company of Eorzea, speaking with Vath and Zundu tribesleaders.

Aymeric was later present at the battle near Carteneau, repelling the Telophoroi forces with Ishgardian knights, as well as Vath and Vanu Vanu warriors. He visited the Scions after the battle in the Rising Stones, having personally brought Estinien to the Scions—as well as to finally catch up with his friend after an extended period of silence.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Upon the souls of they who have sacrificed themselves to pave the way for peace, we will never abandon our cause.

Aymeric's voice from the past

During the Final Days, Aymeric teamed up with Warrior of Light to hunt down a blasphemy that had appeared in Ishgard known as Profane Fafnir. Throughout their investigations, Aymeric would ask advice of the Warrior of Light regarding the best way for Ishgard to address the nation's false history going forward. In the final confrontation with Profane Fafnir, Aymeric fought alongside the Warrior of Light and helped slay the blasphemy.

Aymeric's voice was one of the many memories of the Warrior of Light's comrades who encouraged them in Ultima Thule to walk forward and face the end.



Aymeric in Heavensward

Aymeric is a male Wildwood Elezen with short black hair and striking blue eyes. His armor is adorned in golden plating and accents, woven around black cloth and accompanied by a blue robe styled after Halonic albs worn by the Ishgardian Church. He wears steel gray boots accented with Ishgardian blue, and wields a blade of blue steel in battle.

Aymeric wears an alternative outfit when not in his royal uniform, which is a blue recolor of the Adept robe. While patrolling Empyreum, he wears a full blue Gaja suit while keeping his sword.


Though among the highest ranking Ishgardians, Aymeric's behavior is more pragmatic and open than one might expect of his station, with Aymeric considering himself a realist. Aymeric is a noble and virtuous leader who cares more for equality than status or race. His passion in his beliefs prompted Edmont de Fortemps to compare him fondly to his own son, Haurchefant Greystone.

Upon learning the truth of the Dragonsong War, Aymeric confronted his father about the matter and demanded to reveal the truth to all. Aymeric believes it is better for the people to start anew rather than maintain a heinous lie. After becoming the acting head of state, he labored to reform Ishgard to restore the bond between man and dragon and for high and lowborn citizens to live and prosper on equal footing. Aymeric places a great deal of faith in his people. Despite the tragedies of war and the hardships of truth, he believed the people strong enough to endure and prosper, unlike his father. Even the grim Azure Dragoon, Estinien Wyrmblood, believed Aymeric to be Ishgard's best hope for a new future.

Though Aymeric had no desire to be the next leader of Ishgard, he reluctantly accepted the position of Speaker of the House of Lords when his people elected him, showcasing him as humble and honest.

Aymeric becomes steadily more enamored with the Warrior of Light for their selfless service to Ishgard and forms bonds with them more-so than the other leaders of the Eorzean Alliance. Thancred Waters even comments that Aymeric may have romantic feelings towards the Warrior of Light. Their bond pushes Aymeric into becoming more actively involved within the Alliance, lending his military aid in Baelsar's Wall and later for liberating Ala Mhigo.



Aymeric fights alongside the player in several main scenario solo duties. During Endwalker, Aymeric fights as a Paladin during the Quest "Ever March Heavensward." He has numerous healing spells for the player, such as Holy Grace and Prowess. He uses Noble Circle, Feral Charge, Noble Blade, Circle of Scorn, and uses Shield of the Fury as a Limit Break to protect the party.

Triple Triad[]

Aymeric Card
Aymeric Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 83
Total stats 24
Type None
Description “Upon the souls of they who have sacrificed themselves to pave the way for peace, we will never abandon our cause.”
Obtain Won from Yayake, Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x7,y12)


A minion bearing Aymeric's likeness is available to players upon completing Litany of Peace Litany of Peace. A painting of his portrait is available in game through the Ishgardian Restoration, which can be used in player housing. Players are also able to purchase his gold-and-blue armor as well as his hairstyle from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. While the armor is for male characters only, both male and female characters are able to equip the hairstyle.

Other appearances[]

Triple Triad[]

Aymeric appears as a card in Triple Triad in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art

Aymeric is considered a skilled dancer and gifted in the culinary arts. His sword, Naegling, is a Borel family heirloom once used to slay dragons. Ser Aymeric's foster father prayed it would grant him strength in his struggles, both on and off the battlefield.

In the Lodestone side story "Through Fire and Blood", a younger Aymeric is depicted with a bow and quiver, suggesting his original job within the knights was an archer. During the scene where Estinien attacks Vidofnir while possessed by Nidhogg, Aymeric fires an arrow at his heart, hinting that he has skill with a bow.

Aymeric is voiced by Blake Ritson in the English version, and Tatsuhisa Suzuki in the Japanese version. Aymeric is one the few Final Fantasy XIV characters whose English voice actor was not recast in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.



Aymeric is a variant of Émeric, a French name adopted from two Proto-Germanic words that translate as "Home Ruler".


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