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Axis Blade in Final Fantasy XIII.

Axis Blade (アクセルブレード, Akuseru Burēdo?, lit. Accel Blade) is a recurring weapon typically associated with Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. It is a gunblade that is often acquired early.


Final Fantasy XIII[]

Axis Blade is usable by Lightning, and is a rank 5 weapon. It provides a minimum strength and magic increase of 8 and maximum of 48 when upgraded, in increments of 2. It has a the Passive Ability Attack: ATB Charge, and a synthesis group Boost. 66,750 EXP is required for its maximum level. It can be bought in Plautus's Workshop for 15,000, 000 gil, and found in Palumpolum. A ★ level weapon, dismantling it provides Spark Plug x7 and a Perovskite.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Axis Blade is one of Lightning's weapons usable at level 1. It provides a stat boost of 7 ATK. It can be obtained by trading 500 gil, Broadsword, Midgar Flower, and Flash's Desire x3.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Axis Blade (XIII)
(Accel Blade (XIII))
Rarity 5
Additional stats: Accuracy +95
Shared Soul Break: Slowing Blast