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Axebeak is an avion/cockatrice-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found rolling around the regions of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, usually with one other Axebeak nearby. They yield the rare loot Rainbow Egg as a monograph drop and a poach, used for making Hi-Potions at the bazaar.

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Easily identified with its band of colored plumage, which rivals even that of the most exotic jungle fowl, this creature makes its home in the sun-baked desert climes of Ivalice. Adventurers be warned, its cheerfully colorful appearance belies a violent nature, and its beak is as sharp as the weapon after which it is named. Generally feeding upon smaller creatures, they have also been known to gather in packs for the hunting of larger prey.

Page 2: Our Daily Burden Edit

'Let the Egg Sing of Miracles, Let it Sing for the Children!' So pleads Kirus Andii in her latest song of succor for the orphans of war. Since ancient times, rainbow eggs have been prized as a miracle food - a rich source of nutrition in a small, easily portable package. Recently, however, the egg's rich taste has attracted the appetites of the wealthy, the concomitant rise in price lifting this amazing food out of the reach of those who need it most.


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The axe beak is a creature from Dungeons & Dragons. It is described as a prehistoric carnivorous flightless bird which is a very fast runner and an aggressive hunter.

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