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Awake at Last is the prologue in World of Final Fantasy, taking place in Nine Wood Hills. It comprises the events at the beginning of the game and introduces Lann and Reynn, twin siblings who have lost all their memories of their past. It also introduces the game's basic battle mechanics.


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Reynn and Lann awaken in the world of Nine Wood Hills to find all the shops and streets around them empty. There is only a single person, Enna Kros, and fox named Tama who has been squatting on Lann's head. The two explain that Lann and Reynn have lost all memories of their past as Mirage Keepers and must set out on a journey to collect Mirages, perhaps even meeting their lost family in the process.

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The only significant quest in the prologue is to learn more about Lann and Reynn's past. Lann is the player's first playable character and takes control of him for a short bit, and Tama joins the party a bit later as the player's first playable Mirage. The only battle in the prologue is a tutorial battle with Lann and Tama against a Yurugu.

This prologue does not have any Miniventures.


When first taking control of Lann

  • I need to get to North Promenade before I'm late for work.

Tip Jar tips[]

The following tips pop up on the Tip Jar during the prologue:

Theater Mode cutscenes[]

  • Fall from Dreams
  • Time to Wake Up
  • How'd She Get In If No One's Here Yet?
  • A World Without Time
  • Mirage Keepers?
  • You Two Have Lost Everything
  • You Going? You Going?