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Channels the avatar's power towards a beneficial status effect for party members within range. Reduces perpetuation cost while active.

FFXI Avatar's Favor Status Avatar's Favor is a level 55 Summoner job ability and status effect in Final Fantasy XI. It lasts for 2 hours and can be recast every 5 minutes.

Avatar's Favor only targets the Summoner, bestowing the status effect of the same name. This status can be dismissed at will. While in effect, any Avatars the user may summon suffer penalties to Attack, Magic Attack, and Accuracy; however, in exchange, the perpetuation cost is lowered somewhat and the avatar radiates a beneficial status effect to all party members in range.

Each avatar bestows its own favor status; all of these status effects stack with each other and with related status effects that bestow a similar bonus (such as Carbuncle's Favor stacks with Regen). The avatar itself does not receive the bonus, but Adventuring Fellows do. The strength of the effect increases over time, but resets if the summoner uses a Blood Pact. The available favor effects bestowed by the avatars are listed below.

Icon Status Name Effect
FFXI Carbuncle's Favor Status Carbuncle's Favor Regen
FFXI Diabolos's Favor Status Diabolos's Favor Refresh
FFXI Fenrir's Favor Status Fenrir's Favor Increased Magic Evasion.
FFXI Garuda's Favor Status Garuda's Favor Increased Evasion.
FFXI Ifrit's Favor Status Ifrit's Favor Increased Double Attack rate.
FFXI Leviathan's Favor Status Leviathan's Favor Increased Magic Accuracy.
FFXI Ramuh's Favor Status Ramuh's Favor Increased Critical Hit rate.
FFXI Shiva's Favor Status Shiva's Favor Increased Magic Attack Bonus.
FFXI Titan's Favor Status Titan's Favor Increased Defense.
FFXI Avatar's Favor Status Cait Sith's Favor Increased Magic Defense Bonus.


In Hinduism, an avatar is a deliberate descent of a deity to Earth, or a descent of the Supreme Being, and is mostly translated into English as "incarnation", but more accurately as "appearance" or "manifestation".

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