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Rikku reflecting an offensive spell in Final Fantasy X-2.

Reflect activates automatically in battle.

Final Fantasy VIII description

Auto-Reflect (いつでもリフレク, Itsudemo Rifureku?) is a recurring ability that permanently puts the user in Reflect status. This guarantees that the majority of spells cannot harm the user, but also means the user cannot benefit from positive spells, or even be cured by healing spells, up to the point that they cannot be revived with Raise spells. The effects of Auto-Reflect cannot be dispelled. The effect is usually granted by the accessory Reflect Ring and the armor Mirror Mail.


Final Fantasy V[]

Auto-Reflect is granted by the Reflect Ring.

The enemy Carbuncle has Auto-Reflect as well.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Auto-Reflect is granted by the Reflect Ring. The status persists even after being KO'ed.

Some enemies, most notably the ones in the Ancient Castle, and some in the Cultists' Tower, have Auto-Reflect.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Auto-Reflect is granted by the Reflect Ring.

It is also an enemy ability used by Mirage.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Auto-Reflect is learned by the Guardian Force Carbuncle for 250 AP. It can be taught to any GF using the Glow Curtain, or refined from 100 Dragon Skins. Three can also be modified from Carbuncle's card.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Auto-Reflect is a support ability learned from the Reflect Ring. Zidane, Steiner and Freya can learn it for 95 AP, Vivi and Eiko can learn it for 70 AP, Dagger and Quina can learn it for 75 AP, and Amarant can learn it for 85 AP.

Final Fantasy X[]

Auto-Reflect is an auto-ability that can be customized to an armor piece with 40 Star Curtains. It keeps the Reflect status on the character with the respective armor equipped, even when KOed. The status cannot be removed with Dispel.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Auto-Reflect is an auto-ability on the Shining Mirror Garment Grid activated by passing through the red gate. It is also used by equipping the Star Bracer.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Auto-Reflect is granted by the Ruby Ring accessory and Mirror Mail armor.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

The accessory Reflect Bangle gains it user Auto-Reflect. Also, Mirror Mage has this status.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

The enemies Ooze and Beholder are set in permanent Repel status and are entirely immune to magic attacks.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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