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This information processing facility was built as part of a major Academy project. Academy scientists can be seen congregating in one of the central chambers.

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Augusta Tower is a location in Final Fantasy XIII-2, built by the Academy in 13 AF. In 300 AF, a timespace anomaly has thrown the tower into chaos and turned the interior into a maze.



Augusta Tower is the central information processing facility of the Academy. The entire edifice is occupied by the machinery of an artificial intelligence that possesses unprecedented processing power.

The tower also houses the Proto fal'Cie Project, an ambitious plan to create a man-made fal'Cie.

Travel Guide: Augusta Tower
Area Information

Augusta Tower is the giant electronic brain of Academia. The AI mind that occupies the tower stores precious data and records from centuries ago that cannot be found anywhere else. Apparently, there are freelance data miners who do nothing but search the archives for new information discoveries.

From the Editor's Desk:

When the tower was first built, a number of galas and parties were held featuring the tower mascots, Augy and Towpy. When the tower was closed to the public the mascots were discarded, to the dismay of small children everywhere.


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Alyssa's duplicate in Augusta Tower.

After having discovered in Academia 400 AF that they were entombed in a tower at 200 AF for learning the "forbidden history", Serah, Mog, and Noel travel to that time to discover the truth. As they explore the tower, they find images of their time in Academia and discover various data logs about the Proto fal'Cie project.

Serah, Noel, and Mog spot Caius ascending the tower, and are instantly suspicious. Serah and Noel find the people within the tower lifeless and encounter Alyssa Zaidelle near the main elevator. She unveils the people within the tower—including herself—are duplicates, holograms designed to look exactly like their original counterparts.

Presuming that Caius has business on the top floor, they ask the Alyssa duplicate to take them there. Along the way, they are attacked by groups of enemies and see images of 13 AF which show that the AI in charge of the tower, as part of the Proto fal'Cie Project, rebelled against its creators and killed the staff, including the original Hope and Alyssa.

Serah and Noel meet Yeul.

The AI created the fal'Cie Adam, which created the duplicates to cover up the incident and to kill any who found out the truth. At the top the Serah and Noel encounter the Yeul they countered in Oerba, who reveals Caius is immortal and retains memories of all of the timeline's events. As Noel and Serah step through the Time Gate to face the Proto fal'Cie Adam, Yeul envisions a bright future before dying as Caius takes away her body.

Noel and Serah end up in a junction between timelines, and find Adam. They realize the fal'Cie used the time junction to take control of the AI and instigate its own creation, making it a living paradox. After defeating it the fal'Cie regenerates by traveling back in time and negating its death. Serah yells out at Hope for making the machine. This outburst was recorded in an Oracle Drive in 13 AF, and after seeing Noel and Serah fight it, Hope abandons the project, and Adam is erased from existence.

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The Augusta Tower is a 52-floor high tower located presumably somewhere on Gran Pulse. It consists of the central lift used to move around various floors. Many rooms have rotary properties and computers.

200 AF[]

  • 49th Floor
  • 50th Floor
  • 51st Floor
  • 52nd Floor
  • AI Nucleus
  • Top Floor

300 AF[]

  • 12th Floor
  • 13th Floor
  • 14th Floor
  • 15th Floor



200 AF[]

Item Location Requirements
1500 gil 50th Floor None
Remedy x2 50th Floor None
Map of Augusta Tower 50th Floor Live Trigger "9261"
Wild Artefact 50th Floor None
Train Conductor Beret 50th Floor None
Twist Headband 50th Floor None
Librascope 50th Floor None
Paradox Agent Type A 50th Floor Moogle Throw
Bloodguard 51st Floor None
'Silence' Gate Seal 51st Floor Moogle Throw
Platinum Casino Ticket 51st Floor None
Sniper's Eye 51st Floor Moogle Throw
Phoenix Down 51st Floor Moogle Throw
8 Vitality Orbs 52nd Floor None
Magistral Crest 52nd Floor None
Platinum Casino Ticket 52nd Floor Moogle Throw
Mana Engine x8 52nd Floor None
Vitality Engine x8 52nd Floor None
1450 gil 52nd Floor None
2000 gil 52nd Floor Moogle Throw
Phoenix Blood 52nd Floor Moogle Throw
Potion x3 AI Nucleus None
Gold Casino Ticket 49th Floor Moogle Hunt
Paradox Agent Type C 49th Floor Moogle Throw
Paradox Agent Type B 49th Floor Moogle Throw

300 AF[]

Item Location Requirements
Mana Sliver x9 12th Floor None
800 gil 12th Floor None
Potion x2 14th Floor Moogle Throw
Vitality Bolt x8 14th Floor None
Vitality Slivers x6 14th Floor Moogle Hunt
Librascope 15th Floor Moogle Throw
Phoenix Down 15th Floor Moogle Throw
Access Key 50 15th Floor Live Trigger "1237172"
Red Commando Badge 13th Floor Moogle Throw
Blue PSICOM Spaulders 13th Floor Moogle Throw
Blue Pilot's Badge 13th Floor Advanced Moogle Hunt

Chocolina's Shops[]

200 AF[]

So for my lucky customers today, you get a big dose of spirit and zest along with your purchases.

Chocolina at 200 AF
Item Price
Potion 160 gil
Phoenix Down 1,600 gil
Remedy 250 gil
Wound Potion 300 gil
Antidote 100 gil
Holy Water 100 gil
Painkiller 100 gil
Mallet 100 gil
Wax 100 gil
Item Price Components
Meteorblaze 960 gil
Howling Soul 960 gil
Lunar Stinger 2,000 gil
Volatile Spark 2,000 gil
Raging Arc 4,500 gil
Blazing Spirit 4,500 gil
Amazon Bow 780 gil 2x Shattered Bone
Survivor's Edge 780 gil 2x Shattered Bone
Faerie's Bow 780 gil 2x Moistened Scale
Rune Tooth 780 gil 2x Moistened Scale
Fellowship Arc 1,520 gil 3x Begrimed Claw
1x Abominable Wing
Avenger's Edge 1,520 gil 3x Begrimed Claw
1x Abominable Wing
Rune Feather 1,520 gil 4x Tear of Woe
1x Abominable Wing
Sargatanas 1,520 gil 4x Tear of Woe
1x Abominable Wing
Item Capacity Price Components
Iron Bangle 30 300 gil
Black Belt 40 500 gil
Rune Bracelet 40 500 gil
Star Pendant 55 650 gil
Pearl Necklace 55 650 gil
Warding Talisman 55 650 gil
Power Wristband 30 1,000 gil
Magician's Mark 30 1,000 gil
Metal Armband 55 650 gil
Serenity Sachet 55 650 gil
Ember Ring 55 1,000 gil
Frost Ring 55 1,000 gil
Spark Ring 55 1,000 gil
Zephyr Ring 55 1,000 gil
Delicate Iron Bangle 25 450 gil 1x Iron Bangle
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Iron Bangle 35 150 gil 1x Iron Bangle
2x Molted Tail
Delicate Black Belt 30 750 gil 1x Black Belt
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Black Belt 45 250 gil 1x Black Belt
2x Shattered Bone
Delicate Rune Bracelet 30 750 gil 1x Rune Bracelet
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Rune Bracelet 45 250 gil 1x Rune Bracelet
2x Moistened Scale
Delicate Power Wristband 25 1,500 gil 1x Power Wristband
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Power Wristband 35 500 gil 1x Power Wristband
2x Begrimed Claw
Delicate Magician's Mark 25 1,500 gil 1x Magician's Mark
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Magician's Mark 35 500 gil 1x Magician's Mark
1x Tear of Woe
Delicate Metal Armband 35 325 gil 1x Metal Armband
1x Tear of Remorse
2x Chocobo Plume
Delicate Serenity Sachet 35 325 gil 1x Serenity Sachet
1x Tear of Remorse
2x Chocobo Plume
Delicate Star Pendant 35 325 gil 1x Star Pendant
1x Tear of Remorse
2x Chocobo Plume
Delicate Pearl Necklace 35 325 gil 1x Pearl Necklace
1x Tear of Remorse
2x Chocobo Plume
Delicate Warding Talisman 35 325 gil 1x Warding Talisman
1x Tear of Remorse
2x Chocobo Plume
Delicate Ember Ring 50 1,500 gil 1x Ember Ring
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Ember Ring 60 500 gil 1x Ember Ring
2x Enigmatic Fluid
Delicate Frost Ring 50 1,500 gil 1x Frost Ring
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Frost Ring 60 500 gil 1x Frost Ring
2x Enigmatic Fluid
Delicate Silver Bangle 40 750 gil 1x Silver Bangle
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Silver Bangle 50 250 gil 1x Silver Bangle
2x Monstrous Fang
Delicate Spark Ring 50 1,500 gil 1x Spark Ring
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Spark Ring 60 500 gil 1x Spark Ring
2x Enigmatic Fluid
Delicate Zephyr Ring 50 1,500 gil 1x Zephyr Ring
2x Cie'th Tear
Durable Zephyr Ring 60 500 gil 1x Zephyr Ring
2x Enigmatic Fluid
Monster Materials
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200 AF[]

300 AF[]

Musical themes[]

"Augusta Tower" composed by Mitsuto Suzuki, plays as the location theme for the Tower. A remixed version of the song titled "Augusta Tower -Aggressive Mix-" plays whenever enemies are present. In Augusta Tower 200 AF, "Eclipse" also plays after a certain part in the game. "Yeul's Theme" plays in a scene associated with her at the top of the tower.

Behind the scenes[]

Early shot from the scrapped Augusta Tower DLC episode.

Motomu Toriyama, director of Final Fantasy XIII, has explained that the developers believe in adding a complex dungeon in the middle of the storyline to act both as a trial and a story turning point. Augusta Tower was designed for this purpose in Final Fantasy XIII-2, as a futuristic dungeon peppered with puzzles. The player has to search the whole Historia Crux to access the heart of the tower making it a challenge.[1]

The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega producer and director interview reveals scrapped plans for a Hope DLC scenario episode, involving a journey through the Augusta Tower. Players would have ventured through the tower, completing a number of Live Triggers as they did. The aim of the DLC was to stop Alyssa from killing Hope and based on player's Live Trigger choices, the player would have either continued the game or receive a Game Over. While this scenario was scrapped from the game, it was basis for a chapter in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After.[2]

If one chooses to do an optional sidequest in the Bresha Ruins 5 AF to collect research notes for a scientist in the Academy, it is revealed the notes contain detailed plans for both the tower and the duplicates, which the scientist denies writing and is convinced the notes are from the future. This implies the very existence of Augusta Tower may be either a paradox or a stable time loop.

Similarly to the Tower of Zot from Final Fantasy IV, the player never sees the exterior of Augusta Tower.




Augusta is a feminine form of the name of the Roman Emperor Augustus, and is also part of the original Latin names of many ancient places named after him.

The tower's Japanese name can also be read as Agastya, the name of a famous sage in Vedic Hinduism. The name Agastya is used in the Italian translation of the game.