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An item with augments, in this case Refresh and CHR +1. Note the "Aug" tag.

Certain items in Final Fantasy XI can receive enhancements known as augments; items which have been enhanced by this process are augmented items. Augments stack with the item's existing stats. Augments may cover seemingly any stat and often cover multiple stats. Some methods of producing augmented items may produce negative augments as well as positive. Some items are produced with augments, while others receive them in the course of gameplay. Visually, augments are displayed after the item's other stats, and in different colored text; also, there is an "Aug" tag in the upper right. Augmented items may not be sent through the delivery system. Augmented items may not be traded or sold to other players, but some of them may be sold to NPCs just like normal items of their base type.

Augments may be random, or follow a set progression. Augmented items that follow a progression usually require that the player acquire a specific item used to fuel the augmentation process and trade it along with the augmented item to the specific NPC that handles the service. Most forms of progressive item augmentation are known in-game as mezzotinting. Some forms of random augmentation are known in-game as arcane glyptics.

Major means of augmenting existing items include:

  • The Trial of the Magians.
  • The Succor to the Sidhe quests, which add random augments to special fey weapons.
  • The Fields of Valor system, where a piece of equipment is traded to the Field Parchment which then spawns a Notorious Monster that must be fought.
  • Mezzotinting equipment from Delve.
  • Mezzotinting certain Escha gear.
  • Engraving arcane glyptics on Skirmish gear.
  • Engraving arcane glyptics on certain Escha gear.
  • Tatter and scrap Synergy on certain Abjuration gear.

Means of producing pre-augmented items include: