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The auction house is a recurring location in the Final Fantasy series. The player is allowed to bid on items, usually ones not available in normal shops, and the prices for obtaining rarer items may be steep. Items available for bidding tend to change as the story progresses, and previous items may become missable. In MMOs the player can put their own items up for auction.


Final Fantasy VI[]

Auction house in Jidoor.

The Auction House is located in the city of Jidoor, where the player can bid on various randomly appearing items. Most items are sold infinite times, but some can only be bought once, and some cannot be bought at all because another patron always bids the highest price. The auction house items are different in World of Balance and World of Ruin, and some items are only available in the Advance version.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Treno Auction House.

Treno Auction House is found in the city of Treno where the player can bid for both normal and key items. Generally there are two key items and two pieces of equipment for sale, usually add-ons. The key items bought in the auction can almost always be sold to the nobles in Treno for a profit. Some items are removed from the auction if the player has one in their inventory, but this can be bypassed by equipping them to a character.

Final Fantasy XI[]

The Auction House is central to the economy of Vana'diel where goods ranging from craft ingredients to quest items can be found. Every city has its own auction house, which are connected so the player can only have seven items on sale between all the auction houses of Vana'diel.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Auction site.

Auctions are a real-time feature where players can bid against other clans for monopoly of certain regions, and for rare item prizes. The auctions are unlocked after completing the mission "Now That's a Fire!" at Zedlei Forest and are available every 220 days after the player's previous auction, and last for 20 days. Entering an auction costs 20 Clan Points.

Auctions are held in every major city in Jylland, including Camoa, Graszton, Moorabella, Fluorgis, and Goug. The regions up for auction depend on which city the player is in.


An auction house is a company whose business is selling things by auction.