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The Auction House is a location in Final Fantasy VI located in the city of Jidoor where the player can bid on various randomly appearing items. Most items are sold infinite times, but there are some that can only be bought once, and some that cannot be bought at all because a spoiled rich kid's father always bids the highest price.

Items for sale Edit

The following is a list of items for sale, their price, and their chance of appearing:

World of Balance Edit

No espers purchased Edit

Golem purchased Edit

Zona Seeker purchased Edit

Both Espers purchased Edit

World of Ruin Edit

The two magicite pieces can still be bought in the World of Ruin, if the player missed the opportunity to buy them earlier, but the Angel Wings are no longer available. The Excalipoor is only available in the Advance release once an NPC outside the Auction House mentions a rare sword. The Excalipoor is useless in battle: its purpose is to be bet it at Dragon's Neck Coliseum, causing Gilgamesh to appear.

Joke items Edit

These three items are nothing but extras added into the game. No matter how high the player puts his bid up to, they cannot be purchased. Instead a scene will play in which a spoiled rich kid will force his father into buying the items for an obscene amount of gil.

They are:

  • 1/1200 scale airship, bought for 1,000,000 gil
  • Robotic Imp, bought for 1,000,000 gil
  • Talking chocobo (also known as Talkobo), bought for 500,000 gil

Gallery Edit

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