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The Auction House is a location in Final Fantasy VI located in the city of Jidoor where the player can bid on various randomly appearing items. Most items are sold infinite times, but there are some that can only be bought once, and some that cannot be bought at all because a spoiled rich kid's father always bids the highest price.


The auction house opens once the player has completed the Magitek Research Facility and acquired the Blackjack. Speaking to the doorman will have the party automatically sit down and the item for bid be introduced, and then bidding begins. The item offered may be a rare Relic, a magicite, or on occasion, a "joke item" that the player cannot ever purchase, as a rich man with his son will always bid an outrageous amount of money on it that the auctioneer accepts immediately. In the GBA version, the Excalipoor will also go up for bid in the World of Ruin after speaking to an NPC that mentions a rare sword. If the player passes up purchasing a unique item, it will reappear at a later auction until the player purchases it.

The player is always given two chances to participate in the bidding, but the first opportunity is irrelevant - regardless of if the player bids or not, the next bidder will increase the bid by the same amount. If the player bids the offered price the second time, they will receive the item, but if they decline or have insufficient funds, the item is bought by someone else. There are two exceptions to the pattern of allowing two bids - when bidding on joke items, and when bidding on Excalipoor, the party is given three chances to bid.

The following is a list of items for sale, their price, and their chance of appearing.

World of Balance Edit

No espers purchased Edit

Golem purchased Edit

Zona Seeker purchased Edit

Both Espers purchased Edit

World of Ruin Edit

In addition to the item listings below, in the GBA version if the player has spoken to the NPC that mentions Excalipoor, it will have a 50% chance to appear in place of the usual items each time the next auction begins. It is a unique item and costs 500,000 gil.

No espers purchased Edit

Golem purchased Edit

Zona Seeker purchased Edit

  • Hero's Ring (50,000 gil, Unique): 50%
  • 1/1200 scale airship (Cannot be bought): 25%
  • Golem magicite (20,000 gil, Unique): 12.5%
  • Zephyr Cloak (10,000 gil): 6.25%
  • Robotic Imp (Cannot be bought): 6.25%

Both Espers purchased Edit

  • Hero's Ring (50,000 gil, Unique): 50%
  • 1/1200 scale airship (Cannot be bought): 25%
  • Angel Ring (20,000 gil): 12.5%
  • Robotic Imp (Cannot be bought): 12.5%

Both Espers and Hero's Ring purchased Edit

  • 1/1200 scale airship (Cannot be bought): 50%
  • Angel Ring (20,000 gil): 25%
  • Robotic Imp (Cannot be bought): 25%

RNG ManipulationEdit

It is possible to force the two Espers to appear by rapidly entering and re-entering the auction house and watching the movements of the female NPC outside. When the party appears outside the auction house, as they go back inside the NPC will move once. By tracking her movements each time the player enters and re-enters and watching for specific patterns, the next time the player speaks to the doorman, the item for bid that time will be a magicite. Dashing is necessary for this method of RNG manipulation to work reliably.

If the NPC walks up, up, right, and then left, the item for bid for be Zona Seeker. If she walks right, down, down, and then right, the item for bid will be Golem.

This method of RNG manipulation is known to work in the World of Balance, but it is unconfirmed if it works in the World of Ruin.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is an unused line of dialogue for the auction house where someone bids 100,000 gil, and in a different manner than other bids, with the speaker addressing the bid to the auctioneer rather than just shouting it. It is unknown for what purpose this line would have been used; in the SNES release, no bidder at any time offers 100,000 gil, and the bidder that bids 100,000 gil for the Excalipoor in the GBA and subsequent versions does not use this specific dialogue.

Among the other items for sale on the stage, there is an unused sprite of Ultros with a misassigned palette. There is no event data associated with this sprite.

Gallery Edit

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