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The Auction House where Auctions are held.

The Auctioneer.

Auctions are a real-time feature in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift where players can bid against other clans for monopoly of certain regions and also rare item prizes. The auctions are unlocked after completing the mission "Now That's a Fire!" at Zedlei Forest. This first story-mandated auction will not allow the player to become region master, even if they win all rounds. Auctions are then available every 220 days after the player's previous auction, and last for 20 days. Entering an auction costs 20 Clan Points.

Auctions are held in every major city in Jylland, including Camoa, Graszton, Moorabella, Fluorgis, and Goug. The regions up for auction depend on the city the player is in. For example, the player must access the auction in Camoa to bid on the areas of Camoa, Targ Wood, and Baptiste Hill.

The auctions also serve to give personality to the various clans of Jylland. Clans are more likely to go all out to bid for regions they are from, and participation in an auction sometimes triggers an encounter with a clan the player bid against.


Auctions are held between five or six clans by bidding coins on different areas in the designated region. Each area is bid on separately.

Coins and bidding[]

A certain number of coins are given to the player depending on the regions up for bidding. When bidding begins, the current champion clan will start with one coin bid. The player must use these coins to bid during a real-time session where a gauge with arrows steadily fills at the bottom of the screen. The arrows define "rounds" of the bidding, and a player may bid a coin once during each round. After the gauge reaches the next arrow, bidding is over for that round, and the next round immediately begins.

There are four types of coins, each with their own designated bidding button:

  • 1 coin - Y
  • 2 coin - B
  • 3 coin - A
  • 5 coin - X

The player may also pass a round rather than bid. Passing is forced when the player fails to input a coin before the next arrow is reached. When the gauge has filled up, bidding for that area has ended, and the clan with the most coins bid wins control of the area. If the current champ is tied with another clan, the champ gets the prize by default. If the player is tied with another clan that is not the champ, the player wins. Otherwise, the winner is determined randomly. If a clan bets 30+ coins, the bidding will automatically end and the area given to them.


One may think that to win as many areas as possible, one should use up all their high-level coins as soon as possible. This practice is dissuaded by the presence of bonuses, which are numbers that lie above certain round markers on the time gauge and signify the placement rank in coins that a clan must be to win a 5 coin. For example, a bonus may read "2nd", and any clan that is in second place after the coins for that round are counted, receives an extra 5 coin.

To win these coins, a player must plan their bids to position themselves in the coin rank required to win a bonus. Because positions like 3rd, 4th, and 5th place are awarded 5 coins in certain auctions, being on top of the pack is not always beneficial in the early rounds of bidding.


During the auction process, leaders of rival clans are visible and may behave in particular ways that telegraph the amount of coins they will bid during that round. These actions can help the player determine what amount of coins to bid to position themselves for a 5 coin bonus. Some clans will show tells more than others, and some may keep a poker face.

  • Pass: Unit shakes their head.
  • 1 Coin: Unit assumes a defensive crouch.
  • 2 Coin: Unit walks back and forth.
  • 3 Coin: Unit becomes very pushy.
  • 5 Coin: Unit jumps and cries out.

Auction Records[]

The game tracks the player's performance, including how many rounds the player has participated in, where the player ranked in each round, how many bonus tokens the player has accrued, how many tokens of each type the player has bid, and how many times the player has passed in bidding.

If a clan performs consistently in the same areas, it will receive prizes based on its performance.

Category How to Win Reward
Played Bid in 20 rounds Access to the Token Emporium.
Bonuses Collect 20 Bonuses. Ribbon
1st Finish 5 rounds in 1st place. "Region Master" title
2nd Finish 5 rounds in 2nd place. Ether
3rd Finish 5 rounds in 3rd place. 10000 Gil
1-Coin Tokens Play 10 1-coin tokens Extra 1-coin token at the start of an auction.
2-Coin Tokens Play 10 2-coin tokens Extra 2-coin token at the start of an auction.
3-Coin Tokens Play 10 3-coin tokens Extra 3-coin token at the start of an auction.
5-Coin Tokens Play 10 5-coin tokens Extra 5-coin token at the start of an auction.
Passes Pass 20 times. 200 CP

The "Region Master" title confers a 50% gil discount for all missions in that region's pubs and shops, and makes the player's clan "Champions for Life" and its claim on the territories indisputable. The auctions, instead of awarding territorial control, will then award artifacts—weapons, armor, and items—from the local regions with a "grand prize" should the player win all the other artifacts in the auction.

Auction Statistics[]


Area 1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin Original Champ Time Rounds Bonuses
Camoa 2 2 2 Camoa Braves 30s 6 None
Targ Wood 2 1 1 Yellow Wings 15s 4 Round 2: 1st
Baptiste Hill 2 2 3 Cinquleur 25s 7 Round 1: 3rd
Round 4: 2nd


Area 1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin Original Champ Time Rounds Bonuses
Graszton 2 2 2 Graszton Seaways 27s 6 None
Bisga Greenlands 1 3 2 Komodo Potions 35s 6 Round 2: 2nd
Round 5: 2nd
Aldanna Range 0 1 2 Chita's Weaponers 10s 3 Round 1: 3rd
Round 2: 2nd
Round 3: 1st
Zedlei Forest 7 0 0 Zedlei Farms 20s 7 Round 2: 4th
Round 4: 1st


Area 1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin Original Champ Time Rounds Bonuses
Moorabella 2 3 3 The Iron Stomach 28s 8 Round 3: 5th
Round 5: 4th
Round 8: 2nd
Galerria Deep 1 2 2 Galerria Jewelers 13s 5 Round 3: 2nd
Round 5: 4th
Rupie Mountains 2 2 2 Bonga Bugle 10s 6 Round 4: 3rd
Ruins of Delgantua 4 3 1 The Iron Stomach 22s 8 None


Area 1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin Original Champ Time Rounds Bonuses
Fluorgis 2 2 2 The Jytras Group 17s 7 Round 4: 4th
Tramdine Fens 2 2 2 Jytras Mercantile 9s 6 Round 3: 2nd
Round 4: 5th
Round 7: 3rd
Sant D'alsa Bluff 2 2 2 Jytras Mercantile 17s 7 Round 1: 5th
Round 7: 1st
Nazan Mines 2 2 2 Jytras Pirata 6s 6 Round 4: 2nd


Area 1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin Original Champ Time Rounds Bonuses
Goug 1 1 0 The Jytras Group 12s 4 Round 1: 4th
Round 3:4th
Aisenfield 0 1 1 Jytras Pirata 6s 6 Round 1: 3rd
Round 2: 2nd
Round 3: 1st
Round 4: 2nd
Round 5: 3rd
Kthili Sands 1 0 1 Jytras Pirata 22s 8 Round 1: 5th
Round 5: 3rd
Neslowe Passage 0 0 0 Jytras Mercantile 3s 8 Round 3: 2nd

Token Emporium[]

After completing 15 full auctions, the Token Emporium will open, which allows for the purchase of coins before the bidding process begins. The Revgaji clerk will ask the clan whether they wish to buy coins after the entry 20 CP is paid. Coins cost CP, and an unlimited amount may be bought in any auction. Purchased coins are lost when the auction has ended and do not carry over to other auctions.

Emporium Data[]

Coin CP Cost
1-Coin 5
2-Coin 10
3-Coin 30
5-Coin 70