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FFIX Steiner Attack

Steiner attacking in Final Fantasy IX.

Attack with equipped weapons or bare fists.

Attack (たたかう, Tatakau?, lit. Fight), also known as Fight or Battle, is a basic command that appears in every game in the Final Fantasy series, and is known by nearly every entity encountered in combat, both playable and non-playable.

The entity attacks a single opponent using their equipped weapon, or their bare fists if they are not equipped with anything, most frequently dealing physical damage. The Blind status increases the chance that Attack will miss. Unless the equipped weapon has an elemental property, Attack is non-elemental.

In some games, the Attack command can be upgraded to Barrage, which allows more than one attack. Some other commands make the Attack command obsolete, such as Mug, which is a physical attack while simultaneously stealing, or Jump, a stronger attack.

Some weapons with bonuses only have those bonuses apply when Attacking. In Final Fantasy VII, the Attack command becomes unavailable when a character attains a Limit Break. From Final Fantasy VIII onward Limit-type commands don't replace the Attack command.


Final Fantasy[]

Attack (originally called Fight) is the top command on characters' command lists. Its power varies from character to character, especially when calculating damage with a Monk.

The damage formula for a regular attack is equal to the attack power of the equipped weapon plus that character's Strength stat halved.

However, when using a Monk armed with a weapon, the formula for Attack is equal to the weapon attack power plus the character's Strength halved plus 1.

And the damage for Attack for an unarmed Monk is equal to that character's Level multiplied by 2.

If attack power were to exceed 255, it would roll the value over to 0 and continue to raise from there, though this is impossible to do in a normal playthrough.

Final Fantasy II[]

FFII DoS Attack Command

Attack command (GBA).

Attack is available to all characters and allows them to strike a physical blow with their equipped weapon. Doing so can improve the characters' proficiency with the equipped weapon type(s) and their Strength stat. The higher a weapon proficiency, the more chances a character has to hit. Some versions have a target-cancel bug that lets the player easily level up their weapons by repeatedly selecting and cancelling the Attack command. A character can attack while dual-wielding shields, but their attack will have no effect.

The power of Attack is derived from the combination of the weapon's attack value and the user's Strength, divided by a value based on what they are equipped with in their hands.

The base modifier for a character attacking wielding only a weapon in their dominant hand is half of their Strength stat. For a weapon wielded in the non-dominant hand, the Strength bonus is halved again. If a shield or a second weapon is wielded, the Strength bonus is halved. These modifiers stack, and therefore a second weapon held in the off-hand only receives an Attack increase of one-eighth of the user's Strength.

Final Fantasy III[]

Attack (Fight on the NES) is the top command of all job command windows.

The formula for Attack (which is applied to all physical attacks) is equal to the base attack power of the player's weapon plus 1/4 of the character's Strength plus 1/4 of that player's skill.

If a character attacks while under Haste, the formula changes to add in the damage from Haste as well.

If a Bard uses the ability Cheer, for each use, the physical attack power of all party members increases by 10.

Afterwards, the target's Defense is applied to the formula, followed by attack multipliers, such as Haste, Hit%, and Blind for the final damage value.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Attack (originally called Fight) is the top command of every character's command window. Its strength varies greatly due to various circumstances, such as equipped weapons and the characters performing it.

For a character that uses the Attack command without an equipped weapon in their primary hand, the damage dealt is equal to that character's Strength divided by 4 plus that character's Level divided by 4.

For all weapons (that are not bow and arrows), the damage formula is the same as the previous formula, but adds the attack power of the weapon.

If a character attacks with a bow or arrow in either hand, the damage is equal to the base attack power as if the character had no weapons plus 1.

However, if the character has both bow and arrows and uses the Attack command, the damage becomes equal to the bow's attack power divided by 2 plus the arrow's attack power plus the character's Strength divided by 4.

Meanwhile, if the bow is equipped in the character's primary hand, the formula differs yet again to equal the base attack power of the bow and arrow multiplied by 4/5.

Yang and Edge use a different formula from the rest of the party members, as they can dual-wield weapons. When Yang uses the Attack command, the damage dealt is equal to Yang's Level +1, multiplied by 2, added to Yang's Strength stat divided by 4. The weapons Yang uses have no effect as they all have 0 Attack power naturally.

If Edge has two weapons equipped, the damage he deals from the Attack command is equal to the attack power of his left weapon plus the attack power of the right weapon plus Edge's Strength divided by 4, added together with Edge's Level divided by 4, multiplied by 2.

However, if Edge is only equipped with one weapon, the damage he deals from the Attack command is equal to just the attack power of the weapon.

After calculating the base attack power for a physical attack, several modifiers are brought into play, such as critical hits, elements, and status effects.

Being afflicted with Toad or Mini statuses sets the player's attack power is to 1. Curse halves damage dealt by the afflicted. If the character is under Berserk status, the damage is multiplied by 3/2. If the target has Toad or Mini status, the attacker's damage is doubled.

Some command abilities also use a specific formula. For instance, the Kick command's formula is equal to half of the attack power (though it does 0 damage to Flan-type enemies), both Jump and Power double the damage, and Deadly triples the damage.

When applying elemental attacks, if the monster is physically attacked with their weakness and has the weak+/very weak property, the damage dealt is quadrupled. If they do not have the weak+/very weak property, but are still hit with their weakness, the damage is doubled. If the character attacks a monster that resists an elemental attack, the damage is halved. When a player attacks a monster with a weapon that applies to a specific race (for example, attacking an Ogre with the Ogrekiller), the damage done is quadrupled.

After applying the modifiers, the game then must computer Attack%, or Hit Rate, of the attack, which also varies for various situations. For those unarmed or with fist weapons, the hit rate is equal to 50 plus that character's level divided by 4.

For any non-bow/arrow weapon, the hit rate is equal to weapon's hit rate plus the character's level divided by 4.

For bow and arrows, the hit rate is the same as the previous formula, but factors in the bow's hit rate instead.

After factoring that in, the hit rate modifiers are factored in. Several commands and statuses affect this modifier. For example, if the Aim command is used, the hit rate is automatically set to 255.

For Jump/High Jump and Build Up/Power/Deadly, the hit rate is equal to the hit rate plus the character's level divided by 4.

If a character uses Fight under Blind status or is targeting a monster in the back row (though back row hit rate only applies in the SNES version), then the hit rate is halved.

Afterwards, Attack Multiplier is calculated, which is equal to the character's Strength divided by 8 plus the character's Agility divided by 16 plus 1.

Next, the game must calculate the target's Defense, then factors in Defense modifiers such as Protect and Defend. After that, Defense% and Evade Modifiers are calculated, as well as Defense Multiplier. Finally, the game calculates the Attack multiplier, and then plugs in all the numbers to calculate the final damage, which is shown below:

If the target is undead and the character is using a Drain-elemental weapon.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Attack returns and it has the same function as the previous game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Attack is a basic command that uses the chosen character's equipped weapon on a target. Melee weapons do more damage in the front row. Ranged weapons do the same damage in either row, making it more useful to have a ranged attacker in the back row to mitigate damage to said character.

The formulas are the same as they were in Final Fantasy IV, except it is no longer possible to equip bows incorrectly (bows can only be equipped in the off-hand). In 3D versions, Izayoi is unique in that she uses Edge's dual-wielding damage formula when equipped with a bow, rather than standard bow formula, making her by far the most powerful bow user.

Final Fantasy V[]

FFV Attack Icon iOS

Attack is a default ability and does not require ABP to learn. It is already equipped on all jobs apart from the Mime, which is a customable job. The strength of the attack is based on the player's Attack stat and the character's level.

The steps for calculating damage varies depending on the weapons equipped, statuses in effect, the target's stats and levels.

The basic steps for damage is as follows:

  • Determine initial Hit% and Evade% values.
  • Apply appropriate modifiers to Hit% and Evade%.
  • Determine whether the attack hits or not. If the attack misses, do not follow any more steps.
  • If the Attack hits, get initial values for Attack, Defense and M.
  • Apply appropriate modifiers to Attack, Defense and M.
  • Calculate Final Damage.
  • Apply any appropriate status effects.

Certain weapons have an Added Ability that randomly activates when the weapon is used with the Attack or Aim commands. Activated spells are cast in addition to the used command, but Mug from Thief Knife and Dance from Dancing Dagger replace the Attack command if triggered.

The Twin Lance weapon attacks twice when the user uses the Attack command with it.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Attack is the top command on every character's command list, except for Gau, who has Rage, Umaro, who is uncontrollable, and Gogo, who has Mimic on top but can equip Attack as a secondary command. The strength of the attack is based on the player's Attack stat and level. Some relics replace the Attack command with other commands, such as Jump.

The formula for calculating how much damage a character's physical attack is as follows:

If Vigor >=128, then Vigor2 = 255 instead:

If the character is equipped with a Gauntlet, the Attack stat increases further:

The base damage is calculated as follows:

If the character is equipped with the Master's Scroll, the damage is halved. If the character is equipped with Gigas Glove or Hero's Ring, the damage is multiplied by 5/4. If the attack is a standard attack, and the character is equipped with a Genji Glove, but only one or no weapons (see also Genji Glove bug).

If the character is in the back row then:

  • (Certain weapons ignore this step)

The next step takes into account critical hits, Berserk status, and Trance (Morph) multipliers. Every Attack has a 1 in 32 chance of being a critical hit (although some weapons, known as MP Critical weapons, consume MP for an automatic critical hit), and the Trance multiplier only applies when the attacker is in Trance mode (this will almost always apply only to Terra, but in the SNES version anyone can have the Morph status due to the Rippler bug). This works by setting a damage multiplier equal to 0. For critical hits, add 2 to the damage multiplier.

If the attacker is Berserked, add 1 to the damage multiplier. If the attacker is in Trance, add 2 to the damage multiplier:

Next, the game factors in random variance:

Next, the game factors in the target's Defense:

Next, if the target has the Protect (Safe) status, then:

  • (The Ultima Weapon [Atma Weapon] and the Valiant Knife ignore this step)

Next, if the target is Defending, then:

Next, if the target is in the Back Row, then:

Next, if the target has the Trance (Morph) status, then:

Next, another damage multiplier step is performed. The damage multiplier again starts at 0. If the attacker is facing the target's back, add 1 to the damage multiplier. If the attacker is attacking with the Hawkeye or Sniper, and the target has the Float status, there is a 50% chance of adding 4 to the damage multiplier (if the target is not floating there is a 50% chance of adding 1 to the damage multiplier). If the attacker is attacking with the Man-Eater and the target is human, add 2 to the damage multiplier.

If the target is petrified, the damage is reduced to 0 at this point. Otherwise, the game checks elemental properties, which finalizes the damage.

Elemental properties are checked in this order:

  • If Force Field is in effect for the element in question, the damage reduces to 0.
  • If the target absorbs the element in question, the attack heals the target by the amount it would have dealt damage had the target not absorbed the element.
  • If the target is immune to the element in question, the damage reduces to 0.
  • If the target resists the element in question, the damage is halved.
  • If the target is weak to the element in question, the damage doubles.
  • Otherwise, the damage remains the same.

If one of the elemental checks is true, the game does not check subsequent steps.

Certain weapons have different damage formulas:

  • Some weapons have a 25% chance to cast a spell from the Magic skillset. These spell ignore reflect and Runic. Unless the weapon is a long range weapon, the spells are affected by the back row penalty and any Jump multipliers. If the Attack is a critical hit, the spells are not affected unless the weapon is an MP Critical weapon.
  • The Valiant Knife ignores defense. Also, it adds on an extra step after element calculation:
  • The Ultima Weapon (Atma Weapon) ignores defense and adds on three extra steps after element calculation:
  • The Dice uses an independent damage calculation formula:
  • The Fixed Dice uses an independent damage calculation formula:
  • If all three dice show the same number, a second step is added:
FFVI Control

Monster's Attack command within its battle menu.

In the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, the Attack command is called Battle within the Control menu. In the Game Boy Advance, it was renamed to Attack. A player will see this when a monster is under their Control on the monster's battle menu. The monster's normal attack will look and sound like certain weapons the player can equip, but unlike the player's weapon, these monster weapons are only for show (this can be seen when Gau uses a Rage).

Each monster is assigned a specific weapon for their normal attack. The weapon only takes the graphic and sound effect and not its special properties. For example, the Ice Rod is not ice-elemental, and it does not randomly cast Blizzara when Gau attacks, or when Apocrypha attacks. It merely looks and sounds like the Ice Rod, nothing more.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Attack (labeled Fight in the demo) is the top command on every party member's command list. Its strength is based on the player's Attack stat and Level.

To work out the Attack's strength ignoring any other factors, the Attack stat has to be added to the truncated total of the Attack and Level stats added together and divided by 32, which is all multiplied by the truncated total of the Attack stat multiplied by the Level stat, and then divided by 32.

Then Power and Defense factors are applied. The Defense factor is the stat found on all targets. The Power factor is a stat given to most abilities.

Every time the player attacks the same target, they do not take off the same amount. This is due to additional math that adds a random factor to the equation. The lowest possible damage the attack can do is 3841/4096 of the damage shown above.

There are many other factors that affect the damage of the attack, such as a critical hit, which will double the damage. If either the user or the target is in the back row position without having a long range weapon or the Long Range Materia, the attack will deal half damage. If the target has its back to the user, the attack is usually doubled. For a small amount of enemies, the attack will take off more than double.

Cloud Attack Animation Sketch

Concept art for Cloud's attack animation.

If the user has the Berserk status they will deal x1.5 of the normal damage; with Frog status x0.25 the normal damage; and with the Mini status deal only 1 HP damage per hit. Target's Sadness takes off x0.3 the damage; with the Barrier status x0.5 the damage; and with the Defend status x0.5 the damage.

When the player's Limit gauge is full, their Attack command is replaced with a Limit Break command and they can't use a normal attack except through the use of similar commands (like Mug). Each attacking Limit Break uses the actual damage. For example, Cloud's Braver Limit takes off three times the damage of a normal attack. His Cross-slash will do x3.25 the damage, and inflict Paralyze.

Some Command Materia commands replace the Attack command. The Slash-All Materia replaces the Attack command with the Slash-All command that attacks all enemies without applying the long range rule. Slash-All upgrades to Flash after leveling up which kills all enemies instantly, but halves the hit-rate. Double Cut's 2x-Cut and 4x-Cut replace the Attack command and attack the target twice or four times respectively. In both these commands, the long range rule does not apply.

The Mug command, the second level of the Steal Materia, functions the same as the Attack command but has the added steal effect. The Deathblow Materia grants access to the D.blow command, which has a third of the hit-rate a normal attack would, but guarantees a critical if it hits.

If the player is in the All Lucky 7s status, their attacks will disregard any other factors and take off 7777.

The Added Cut Support Materia adds the Attack command to a paired Materia as an Added Ability, and has the user use the Attack command on the same target as the paired Materia was used.

Due to the Master Command and Support Materia glitch, support effects can be applied to the Attack command via the Master Command Materia.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Cloud Aerial Attack from FFVII Remake

Cloud's aerial attack.

Every playable character has their own version of the Attack command. Attacking enemies fills the party members' ATB gauges. The normal attack command is used with Square, and holding it rather than tapping can also change it, such as Cloud doing an area attack and Barret dealing a sustained burst of fire power. Cloud's attack also depends on whether he is in Operator Mode or Punisher Mode; in the latter, Attack turns into Strong Attack and is faster and stronger, and can has a different finisher if holding the attack button rather than tapping it.

Cloud and Tifa's attack is melee range, and they can jump to hit flying enemies. Barret's attack command depends on whether he has a gun arm equipped or not; even when equipped with a melee weapon, he cannot jump to hit flying targets with his normal attack. Aerith's attack command is to send magical projectiles from the tip of her staff; her attack command is magical, whereas the others' is physical.

Yuffie is the playable character in "Episode INTERmission". When holding her weapon, she will attack physically at melee range with it. Her Triangle command is to throw the weapon to stick to her target. While without her weapon, Yuffie's attack command is a magical ranged ninjutsu, whose element the player can toggle with Elemental Ninjutsu.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Attack is the primary command available to Zack. A physical attack, it uses no MP or AP. As an action RPG, the commands are executed real-time as the player presses the X. The targets can evade and block physical attacks with correct timing, and when targets are hit from behind, Zack deals a critical hit. The command can be chained up to four times in succession with each hit being stronger than the previous.

The damage formula is as following:

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Attack is the standard (and only) command usable by every character, and is at the top of each character's command window.

The game first determines whether the attack will connect.


If the attacker's hit rate is 255, this step is skipped and the attack will always connect.

Next the game determines whether the attack criticals.


This step is skipped if the attacker is Squall or Seifer who never critical by chance; instead, they have the trigger ability.

Next, if the attack connects, the amount of damage is calculated.


All player weapons have an Attack Power value of 20. The basic "Physical attack" skill has a power of 16, and the two "unnamed" ones below it a power of 32 and 48 respectively. If the target has Protect or Zombie statuses, the damage is halved. If the target has Invincible or Defend status, the damage is 0. If the attack goes critical, or if the target is attacked from behind, the damage is doubled. If the damage goes critical due to Squall's or Seifer's triggers, or if the user attacks the target while under Berserk, the damage done is x1.5.

Characters can also junction elemental properties to their physical attacks that affects the damage outcome.


Elemental attack can be anything between 0 and 100%. Elemental Defense starts at 800 (0%), 900 nullifies damage and 1000 absorbs the damage. If an enemy is shown to be weak against an element, its Elemental Defense is below 800. If damage becomes negative (due to high Elemental Defense), the target is healed by that amount.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Attack with equipped weapon.


The Attack command is at the top of every character's command window, and the damage formula for it varies per weapon type, whereas the final damage will always be the base.

There are two main components to the formula: the base damage and the bonus.

For most attacks, the base is:

For Save the Queen, the base is instead:

The bonus depends on the equipped weapon type:

  • Standard weapons and Save the Queen
  • Thief and knight swords:
  • Hammers and Forks:
  • Rackets:
  • Enemies:

The Bonus formula is affected by various other factors. If the character using the Attack command is using a Killer ability, is under Berserk status, is using MP Attack, is in Trance, is attacking an enemy that is under Mini status, strikes an enemy with their elemental weakness, if the attacker is wearing an elemental attack raising item, or back attacking an enemy, the bonus is x1.5. If the target is under Protect or if the attacker is in the back row, the bonus is halved. If the attacker is under Mini, the bonus is set to 1.

The final damage comes out to:

When in Ipsen's Castle, the formula is different for the base formula, shown below:

With the Healer ability, Attack command heals its targets.

Final Fantasy X[]

Attack enemy with equipped weapon.


Attack is a command available to all characters, placed at the top of each of their command windows.

The damage formula for the Attack command, as well as any physical attack, is as follows:

Where Stat is equal to Strength plus Cheer, and DmCon is equal to the Damage Constant.

Afterwards, the game must calculate the reduction of base damage due to Defense by converting the Defense integer into the DefNum integer, which can be found through the following formula:

After finding the DefNum integer, it is to be used in the following formula:

Before moving onto the final step, the game must also factor in any reduction from Cheer, which is done in the following formula:

After all of that, the game then calculates the final damage based on the following formula:

Several other modifiers apply to the damage of physical attacks as well, such as the Strength Plus abilities. If the attacker attacks an enemy with the Armor property, damage is divided by 3. If target is under Defend, Sentinel, or Protect, or if the attacker is under Power Break, then damage is halved.

Each Celestial Weapon has a special damage multiplier:

These apply to all physical-type attacks made with the weapon; in addition, they ignore defense, as well as all bonuses from Cheer.

Aeons possess a different, but similar Attack command. It has a built-in Piercing effect, and the damage constant for Valefor and Shiva's Attack commands is 14 rather than 16, though their accuracy rating is higher.

If Tidus uses the Attack command against an ally, they lose affection with him.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Attack one enemy.

"Help" description

Attack is a command present in each dressphere, except for Songstress, Black Mage, and White Mage. While under the effects of Berserk, any dressphere uncontrollably performs the Attack action.

The formula for the offensive side of the Attack is as follows:

The formula for the defensive side of the Attack is as follows:

Also, all abilities have the following formula for randomization of the damage dealt:


Final Fantasy XII[]


Red line shows when an enemy is attacking the player.

Attack and Items are the only two commands available without a license. Some Espers can also use the Attack command as long as the enemy is immune to or absorbs their elemental attacks. Attack commands execute simultaneously whenever the game is set to "Active" mode, regardless of Effect Capacity (mainly applies to the PlayStation 2 versions), even during long spell animations.

The attack formula is calculated based upon the type of weapon equipped. For example, swords, spears, rods, and crossbows are based on the character's strength, while daggers, bows, and ninja swords are calculated using a character's strength and speed. Attack is an action that can be applied to self, allies or members in current party.

Melee weapons can combo their attacks and hit multiple times in a row. Certain enemies, often the most difficult bosses and optional marks, also chain their attacks. The combo rate is a hidden value specific to each weapon (see them in the weapon list). Ranged weapons do not combo, but have the chance to deal critical damage.

Attack damage is calculated differently depending on the type of weapon the character is equipping.

The formulas are as follows:

  • Unarmed (Without Brawler Augment):
  • Unarmed (With Brawler Augment):
  • Swords, Spears, Crossbows, Rods:
  • Poles:
  • Maces:
  • Katana, Staves:
  • Axes, Hammers, Hand-bombs:
  • Daggers, Ninja Swords, Bows:
  • Guns, Measures:

After the Attack command has been selected the Charge Time starts, and the command is executed once the attack has charged. Each attack action has its own animation with a fixed length, which also varies between characters and which weapon they use. If the game config is set on "Wait" only one action can execute at any time. When set on "Active", multiple actions can execute simultaneously (although some magick spells with long animations cannot be cast simultaneously even with "Active"). When gambits are turned off, party members will continue attacking an enemy automatically, but will not walk towards them.

Certain augments on the License Board enhance battle power: Adrenaline boosts attack when the user is in HP Critical status, and Focus boosts battle power when the user's HP is full. These effects can also be gained via accessories Steel Gorget and Blazer Gloves.

In the Zodiac versions, Larsa and Reddas can attack flying targets with their basic attacks.

Attacking 300 times adds Balthier's sprite to the Sky Pirate's Den and awards the "Assault Striker" trophy/achievement in The Zodiac Age.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Attack is the basic command for most melee units; however, certain characters such as Kytes have magickal actions as their core commands. The abilities of Espers and monsters are given unique names, such as Balasa's Fire Fist.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Deal physical damage to target.

Lightning Attack from FFXIII

Lightning using the Commando's Attack command.

Attack is a Commando ability that physically attacks one enemy, having a damage multiplier of 1.2. Attack command expends one ATB segment.

Damage is calculated as follows:

Where Parameter is equal to the attack's basic parameter and the Damage Multiplier is equal to the base multiplier of the ability. For instance, a normal Attack command from Lightning has the base damage multiplier of 1.2,; if she has 1700 attack power, her base damage is 1700 x 1.2 = 2040. Uniquely, Sazh's Attack command consists of two shots at half power.

Adding more Commandos to the current line up boosts the damage multiplier. Damage can also be increased by hitting an enemy's weakness while under the effect of an en-spell from the Synergist role.

Attack is available to everyone before the Crystarium system is unlocked. Thus, Sazh, Vanille, and Hope temporarily lose the ability to use Attack, as they do not initially have access to the Commando role. Unknown to the player, Lebreau's Attack command costs two ATB segments to execute while it costs three ATB segments for Gadot compared to the main cast where it only costs them one ATB segment.

Sazh, Vanille, and Hope's Attack commands are long ranged, though Vanille's range is limited. Lightning also uses a ranged Attack when fighting the Havoc Skytank boss.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

The Attack command is a Commando ability that physically attacks one enemy, and expends one ATB segment. The strength of the attack is determined by the attacker's Strength stat, and the role level bonus, as well as the number of Commandos in the current paradigm.

Both Serah and Noel can use the Attack command in both close-range and long-range hits. Serah deals close-range attacks with a sword, but her sword transforms into a bow for ranged attacks. Noel wields his two swords with one in each hand for close-range combat, but combines them into a javelin he can throw for long-range targets.

Most of the Commando monsters have Attack as their physical damage ability, which in rare cases is replaced with Drain Attack.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Attack from LRFFXIII

Lightning using the default Attack ability.

Attack is the default physical attack command available to Lightning. It can be obtained as an enemy drop from the Gorgonopsid, Rafflesia, and Rafflesia Ω enemies. It is also the locked ability for several garbs.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Auto-attack icon.

Attack (攻撃, Kōgeki?) is the default auto-attack executed by most entities in the game. Its effects vary depending on the user—most are single-target attacks that deal physical damage, but some can deal magic or elemental damage, have an area of effect, or even inflict status effects.

For players, Attack deals damage with 110 potency and has a range 3 yalms, with the exception of Dancer Dancers whose Attack has a 25 yalm range. Archer Archers, Bard Bards, and Machinist Machinists use the 100 potency, 25 yalm Shot as their auto-attack instead of Attack.

Final Fantasy XV[]

When playing as Noctis, holding the attack button has the player continuously attack their target with their selected weapon. The attack animation depends on the chosen weapon, and the player can switch weapons on-the-fly. If the target is not in range, holding the attack button has Noctis approach the target. Magic is also used via the attack command, as elemancy and the Ring of the Lucii are equipped to a weapon slot, although only the Death-spell from the latter is used via the attack command.

Unlocking nodes on the Ascension Grid adds new properties to Noctis's attack, such as Airstep, that lets him stay airborne at the cost of draining his MP. Attacking an enemy from their backside performs a blindside-attack for x1.5 damage. This can chain to a blindside-link with a party member. Parrying attacks while nearby a party member can trigger link-strikes.

Warp-strike is another type of physical attack used via the Warp command rather than the attack command. Armiger changes Noctis's attacks to warps and wields his royal arms, but is used via the normal attack command.

The attack prompt can appear at the end of party members' Techniques for Noctis to perform a follow-up attack, and also appears during the ending cinematic for the player to perform a finishing blow to the main antagonist.

The ability to character-swap was added in a patch, and each playable character has their own battle style.

Final Fantasy XVI[]

The player's controlled character is Clive, apart from a brief moment in the prologue where the player controls Joshua. In the default controller scheme Square is a melee attack with the character's sword. Countinously attacking leads into combos: a four-hit string of sword strikes is a melee combo, and doing the same midair is an aerial combo. Chaining Triangle magic into the four-hit melee combo triggers a powerful magic burst.

Holding magic and melee execute buttons simultaneously results into a lunge when grounded and into downthrust when airborne. Lunge has Clive dash to a target to stab them, and downthrust has Clive descend from above sword-point first.

Holding the attack button charges burning blade, a move that engulfs Clive's sword in flames and deals one strong hit to his target.

Attacking is faster during Limit Break.

Chaining Attack from a precision-dodge triggers a counterattack.

Using attack during Phoenix Shift, before Clive reaches his target, results in a shift strike, where Clive teleports to an enemy to instantly strike them.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The Attack command can be used by any job. Its power depends on the weapon used:

  • Unarmed without Brawler:
  • Unarmed with Brawler:
  • Knife, Ninja Sword, Cloth:
  • Sword, Rod, Spear, Crossbow:
  • Knightsword, Katana:
  • Staff, Stick:
  • Flail, Axe, Bag:
  • Longbow:
  • Physical Gun: (cannot be evaded)
  • Instrument, Dictionary:
  • Magical Gun: (Q = 14 60% of the time, Q = 18 30% of the time, Q = 24 10% of the time)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

The action ability Fight is available to every unit. It is sometimes prohibited by Law, or encouraged when Color Magic is the prohibited action.

The base damage formula for the majority of physical attacks is as follows:

Afterwards, damage is multiplied by Power/100, where Power is usually equal to the strength of the ability being used. For weapon-based abilities, this will be the EqAtt bonus the unit's equipment (minus secondary weapons) gives, For other abilities, this will be the Power stat of the ability itself.

The final formula is:

(caster strength + weapon attack) - (target defence / 2) x (weapon att / 100)

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Attack is occasionally discouraged by Law.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

There are fourteen playable characters who each have their own playstyle: some are fast, some are slow, some are ranged, some specialize in close-combat. Players can determine enemies' weak points with Killsight, allowing them to kill the target instantly. Breaksight is applicable to enemies with more than one bar of health, such as strong monsters, bosses, and enemy leaders.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

Damage icon.

The Attack command is one of four basic commands, selecting it will cause the character to attack with the current equip weapon. All physical attacks are classified as Damage-elemental, and attacks that do not possess any elemental attributes are classified as non-elemental. There's an unused Elemental Defense called Damage, which reduces the damage taken from physical attacks. It can only be gotten by the use of a cheating device.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

The weapon attack is the most basic kind of attack. To attack enemies, the player will have to move Sumo so that the enemy is in range of the equipped weapon. Then press the A button. Every time the player successfully hits the enemy, it will receive damage. Once it's HP reach 0, it will die.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

The Fight command is one of two command available to the player, selecting it will bring up the list of equipped weapons and abilities the current character possesses.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

The Fight command causes the character to attack enemies that causes physical damage, except for a few weapons, a common late-game resistance on many enemies and bosses.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The Attack command is one of the default commands available for all playable characters. It expends one Action Point and has the character attack an opponent with their equipped weapon.

The player may not choose the target of the attack. The weapon's range determines the target: long range weapons prioritize the enemies at the back, and short range weapons prioritize the enemies in the front. If there is only one enemy all attacks target that one.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

Attack is the ability that is used by both the Warrior and Onion Knight during battle.

The Onion Knight's Attack deals more damage the more hits it gets, which is determined randomly. In addition, more hits will hasten the ATB gauge, causing the next turn to come sooner.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Attack is a basic command ability with infinite uses. It has a charge time of 1.5 seconds. It is unavailable when a character is in Burst Mode.

Its damage formula is as follows:

Reaching the soft ATK cap will diminish the final damage total.

Some Record Materia can change Attack to a different ability when used. Some have a chance to turn Attack into a stronger ability, while other Record Materia will always trigger an alternate ability when Attack is used.

The maximum damage dealt by the attack command is capped at 9,999. However, if the attacker is under the effects of SOLDIER EX Mode, they can break the usual damage cap and reach 99,999 points of damage.

Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon[]

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Chocobo's Dungeon 2[]

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