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Atori Moribe also known as Atori the Astute, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She was a survivor of the massacre in the village of Dagluk and is a member of the Nagxian Resistance.


Early life[]

Atori born in the village of Dagluk in southern Nagxia. Under the command of the XIth Imperial Legion, the XVIIth Infantry Division of the Garlean Empire was dispatched to invade the mountainous regions of southern Nagxia. Her village was occupied by imperial forces. Due to a misunderstanding where a drunken soldier killed a villager, the villagers rose up in anger calling for justice only to be massacred by the infantry division.

The massacre was initially reported as the result of a bloody battle with the Nagxian Resistance, but the survivors of the village would disprove these claims and eventually a soldier from the XVIIth infantry revealed the truth. The unit was recalled to the imperial capital, where it was summarily disbanded. Emperor Varis denounced the infantry's actions, but the seeds of resentment had already been planted in the bloody soil of Nagxia.

When the massacre occurred, Atori was four years old. She was taken to safety by her mother. Although she did not leave the village unharmed, Atori's mother refused to stop until she was sure of her safety. They traveled without food or water for three days. Eventually they met up with Kosyu, a resistance soldier on patrol, and Atori's mother finally succumbed to her injuries.

The trauma left Atori silent, and in time, she would find her voice again and testify to the horrors that happened in her village. Atori found a new family in the resistance, none offering her comfort more so than Kosyu, whom she would come to look up to as a brother. When she was of age, she joined the resistance, taking up the lance, and with Kosyu's help, she became one of their more accomplished fighters in the battle for freedom.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Atori was a member of the Eastern Alliance, sent to provide aid to their allies in the Bozjan Resistance alongside her friend Kosyu. She participated in several skirmishes across Zadnor, before joining the assault on the Dalriada. With the defeat of the IVth Imperial Legion, she and Kosyu returned to Nagxia.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Alianne Vellegrance mentioned Atori as being employed by the Eastern Alliance to serve as a guide to both her and her grandfather when they journey to Nagxia.



Atori is a young raen Au Ra with red hair and orange eyes. She wears a Non La straw hat, with an Ao Dai eastern dress, Quan pants, and she wields a Rakshasa Lance in battle


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Atori using Stained Chaos.

Atori the Astute appears as an allied NPC during the skirmishes Of Beasts and Braggadocio, Sever the Strings, and A Relic Unleashed in Zadnor Zadnor. She uses her own unique lancer abilities such as Fleet Thrust, Gutting Blow, and a her special AoE that goes in a straight line: Stained Chaos.


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