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At the Hideout in the Slums[1] is the second chapter in Final Fantasy VII, part of the first act, "Banner of Revolution". It takes place in the Sector 7 Slums Having destroyed the No. 1 Reactor, Cloud Strife joins up with Barret Wallace and AVALANCHE as they travel to their hideout in the Sector 7 Slums, where Cloud meets up again with Tifa Lockhart, his childhood friend.


Meet at the hideout[]

After getting off the Train, Barret will tell Cloud and the rest of AVALANCHE to meet him at the hideout. Cloud must first head west to leave the station into the crossroads. Up north, Cloud can talk to an NPC in front of a fence, to have an overview of the Support Pillar, after which Barret will beckon Cloud to continue west. Head further west through the crossroads to the slums area.

Upon entering the slums area, Cloud must head to 7th Heaven, a large bar near the west end of the area. Barret will be standing in front of it, blocking the path forward while the woman in a white top is outside the bar. After she returns bac kinside, talk to Barret to head inside the bar. Cloud can also interact with NPCs in the area for some dialogue.

7th Heaven[]

Upon entering 7th Heaven, the woman will speak to Cloud, and the player gets to name her, with her name defaulting to "Tifa". If Cloud purchased a flower in Sector 8, it can affect date mechanics; giving the flower to Tifa will improve Cloud's score with her, and giving it to Marlene will improve Cloud's score with Barret. Either way, after giving the flower, Cloud can talk to AVALANCHE or Tifa for short amounts of dialogue, but to proceed, must attempt to leave.

On attempting to leave, Barret will walk in. After some dialogue, Barret and the rest of AVALANCHE will take an elevator down to their hideout below, and the player must talk to Tifa to proceed. When she offers Cloud a drink, the answer can affect date mechanics; "Give me something hard" will improve Cloud's score with Tifa by +5, while "I don't feel like it" will have no change. After the dialogue ends, head down the same elevator on the right to join up with AVALANCHE.

In the hideout below, once again after some shrot dialogue, Cloud can talk to the rest of AVALANCHE for short dialogue, but talking to Barret is required to proceed. Once the conversation ends, Cloud can talk to AVALANCHE or Tifa, but to proceed, must leave using an elevator to the top floor.

After returning to the top floor, dialogue with Tifa will commence. When she asks if Cloud has forgotten his childhood friend, the answer can affect date mechanics; "How can you say that!" will improve Cloud's score with Tifa by +5, while "...Sorry" leads to no change. As the conversation continues, a flashback will commence. At the end of it, Barret will climb from the elevator below and give Cloud 1,500 gil.

At the end of the dialogue, Cloud will sleep. The next day, the next chapter, "To the No. 5 Reactor", commences.