Template:FFIV:TAY Enemies Asura is a boss in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Asura is fought twice in the game; the first time with her being immune to all damage, and the second time she is able to be defeated. Asura changes her facing whenever the player attacks her, when on her black face, she will cast Shell, her yellow face will cast Curaga, and her orange face will unleash a critical physical attack. If the player skips the encounter with her and Leviathan, they will not be able to obtain Bahamut at the final stages.


When facing Asura, the player ideally should have at least have one White Mage in the party and they must have access to Reflect. At the beginning of the battle, the player should cast Reflect as fast as they can on Asura, to prevent her from casting Curaga on herself. The main focus of this battle is to keep on striking Asura with physical attacks and heal when the party when necessary. After she has lost enough health, Leviathan will appear and cast Tidal Wave on her, but it won't actually inflict any real damage. After the scene with Leviathan, the player should continue using physical attacks and Bands until she is defeated.

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