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Asura is a boss in Final Fantasy IV. She is the queen of the Feymarch and is battled before Leviathan.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Asura begins the battle by casting Protect on herself, and casts Curaga and Life on herself throughout the battle. Asura only uses her turn to use Protect, Curaga, and Life—she only physically attacks the party when they attack her, thus giving the player as much time as they need to heal before continuing the battle, should Asura prove too strong.

Strategy Edit

Asura's physical attack is powerful enough to kill some party members in one hit, and since she absorbs most elements, the favorable strategy is to summon Dragon when Rydia is under the Bluff status to deal large damage, provided that the player gives her the Bluff Augment. Casting Reflect on Asura causes her beneficial spells to hit the party instead.

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