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A learned augur who uses Astrology to manipulate fate and sway the course of battle.


Astrologer, also known as Astrologist, is a special job from Final Fantasy Tactics. Orran's job is just like the Squire, except he can equip dictionaries and has one extra ability, Celestial Stasis, an ability exclusive for this job. Astrologer takes 1,470 JP to master.


Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None Dictionaries Hats Clothes, Robes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 4 8 20% Average Low High Average



Astrologer job command. Halts the movement of the constellations.


The success rate for Celestial Stasis is as follows:

The formula for damage-inflicting skills is as follows:

Name Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Celestial Stasis
(Galaxy Stop)
1 All Enemies 24 0
Halt the course of all enemies' guardian stars, rendering them completely unable to act.
Effect: Stop, Immobilize, Disable.
Quote: "Destiny lies in my hands! Galaxy Stop!"
0 1 Now 300
Increase physical Attack power.
1 1 Now 80
Attack by ramming into the enemy's body.
(Throw Stone)
4 1 Now 90
Lob a stone at a far-off foe.
1 1 Now 150
Remove several status ailments.

Reaction abilities[]

Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Counter Tackle Counterattack with a tackle. Physical Attack 180

Support abilities[]

Name Description JP Needed
Equip Axes Equip axes, regardless of job. 170
(Monster Skill)
Adds an ability to all monsters in neighboring tiles with an elevation difference of 3h or less. 200
Defend Defend oneself against an attack. Adds the Defend command. 50
JP Boost
(Gained JP Up)
Increase the amount of JP earned in battle. 250

Movement abilities[]

Name Description JP Needed
Move +1 Increase Move by 1. 200

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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An astrologer practices one or more forms of astrology. Typically an astrologer draws a horoscope for the time of an event, such as a person's birth, and interprets celestial points and their placements at the time of the event to better understand someone, determine the auspiciousness of an undertaking's beginning, etc.