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FFXV - Leviathan

Leviathan in Final Fantasy XV.

Eidolons[1] are the summons of Final Fantasy XV. They share their English name with the summons of the other games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy series, including Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. According to Tabata, the Eidolons are the physical manifestation the power of the stars.[2] They are the world's natural protectors, defending certain areas from destruction.[3]


Summons in Final Fantasy XV are divided into a class system and ranking system. Large summons such as Leviathan are among the highest-ranking and most powerful.[4] To be able to use the Eidolons, Noctis must either defeat them in battle or acquire them by other means.[5] Noctis is the only character who can use summons.[2]

List of Eidolons

Creation and Development

During development of the game, the team intended to include Titan as the Eidolon players could access in Episode Duscae. However, they had to abandon this due to Titan's strong connections with the story. Instead, they included a different Eidolon so players could see what happens when you tame or use one.[5]




Eidolon means "unsubstantial image," "reflection," or "phantom" in Greek. It can also mean "idol" and is the source of the Latin word "Idolum."


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