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Corners and dispatches foes with ease.

Assassin is a job available to viera in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Assassins are the deadliest force, with dangerous instant death abilities and incomparable stat growth in all areas except HP.

This possibly makes the Assassin job the best class to level up viera, though one needs to be mindful about their HP growth, since Assassins are almost always the first target by enemies because of their low health. Assassins wield katanas and greatbows. When equipped with the Concentrate ability, Assassins are considered overpowered, since their instant death abilities gain near perfect Accuracy.


Assassins, like Ninjas, are nicely balanced between MP, Attack, Magic Power and Speed, but at the cost of low HP, Defense and Resistance. Assassins are the fastest class.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.2 E 5.2 B+ 8.8 B+ 6.8 D+ 9.2 A- 7.2 C- 2.3 S



Assassin command. Corner foe in a tight spot.
Skill Equipment AP MP Power Range
Shadowbind Fey Bow 200 12 1
Stops target by pinning shadow to the ground.
Last Breath Petalchaser 300 32 1
Deals a swift shock, knocking out target.
Element: Dark
Aphonia Murasame 200 12 1
Attacked aimed at throat to silence target.
Nightmare Kikuichimonji 300 18 1
Puts targets to sleep, and sometimes dooms them.
Ague Ranger Bow 200 12 1
Causes feverish chills to slow target.
Rockseal Kotetsu 300 32 1
Seals target in stone. Causes petrification.
Oblivion Masamune 300 24 1
Attack to the head. Addles target.
Ultima Masher Zanmato 999 60 As Weapon As Weapon
Assassin attack born from ultima magic.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Return Fire Power Sash Catch arrow shot at you and shoot it back. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Killer Combo Mythril Epee Failproof combo ability for assassins. 100

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Assassin TCG

Assassin appears with a Lightning-elemental card.


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The Assassins were a secret order of Nizari Ismailis, particularly those of Persia and Syria, that formed in the late 11th century. Mentions of Assassins were preserved within European sources where they are depicted as trained killers, responsible for the systematic elimination of opposing figures.

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