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Age-old turtle with a sword protruding from its shell.


Aspidochelon is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a Rank II Non-Elemental Melee Yarhi. It appears in a side mission at Gugoza Falls, being an ancient Great Tortoise whose embedded sword is the object of the party's desire.

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Battle Edit

The Aspidochelon will not actually seek the party out and attack; rather, it moves back and forth up the waterfall path, relying on groups of other enemies to shield it. When confronted, the Aspidochelon will put up a tough defense, but its attacking capabilities are next to nothing. Its ability, Shelter, raises its own Defense.

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Etymology Edit

According to the tradition of the Physiologus and medieval bestiaries, the aspidochelone is a fabled sea creature, variously described as a large whale or vast sea turtle, and a giant sea monster with huge spines on the ridge of its back.

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