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FFLII Ashura's Town

Ashura's Town in Ashura's World.

Ashura's Town is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II.


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The party comes across this town on their way to Ashura's Tower. A citizen tells the party that a spy went into the tower to get Ashura, but he got caught.

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Name Cost
FFLII Potion IconCurse 300 GP
FFLII Potion IconX-Cure 300 GP
FFLII Potion IconEyeDrop 200 GP
FFLII Potion IconSoft 1,000 GP
FFLII Potion IconCure 50 GP
FFLII Staff IconHeal 17,000 GP
FFLII Book IconCure 6,800 GP
Elixier 5,000 GP


Name Cost
FFLII Dagger IconPsi 1,400 GP
Kick 1,400 GP
FFLII Gun IconStunGun 1,400 GP
FFLII Gun IconColt 1,400 GP
FFLII Axe IconAxe 6,800 GP
FFLII Sword IconSabre 3,200 GP
FFLII Sword IconBattle 3,200 GP
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