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Ashura's Base in First World.

Ashura's Base is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II. Throughout the area, the player can face fixed encounters or random encounters inside. If the player walks into enemies or talks to them, they'll engage in battle with the enemies found in the area.


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Upon reaching the highest level, the party comes across a Rhino standing before the party's path. Rhino laughs at Ki's stupidity for coming all the way here and engages the party into a battle. After the battle, Rhino tells the party that they are too late as most of the MAGI are already in Ashura's hands.

With Rhino's death triggers an explosion, the party grabs the three MAGI before going out the door. Once outside, the base explodes. Ki mentions that Ashura will become stronger with the MAGI he has acquired and assail the party again. The main character tells her they'll get him before he does.

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