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Deep inside Ashmonte.

Ashmonte (トネリコの森, Toneriko no Mori?) is a forest in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the north of Mathel.


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Android inside Ashmonte.

Ashmote is briefly mentioned by some people in Mathel as they saw a shooting start fall to it. When the Warriors of Light come into this forest, they come across a troop of soldiers. They decides to follow them. When the soldiers split up, Aigis tells everyone that the team must also split up. Aigis travels with Dusk and Sol goes with Sarah.

The young cub and its mother inside Ashmonte.

Sol and Sarah then encounter two soldiers who are trying to take an android away. They defeat the soldiers and free the android, who doesn't remember a thing due to the fall from the sky. The android then join Sol and Sarah. On their way to find Dusk and Aigis, the three encounter a female wolf who's trying to protect a cub. The android then call Sol and Sarah as her mother and father. About Dusk and Aigis, they travel to a lake deep inside the forest. Aigis then asks Dusk why he keeps contracting somebody with his thing. Dusk tells Aigis that he will know when the time is right, but not sooner. When the team unite together, Sol and Sarah want the android to join the team. However, Dusk objects it aggressively. Finally, he reluctantly accepts to travel with the android as the other there have agreed. They then come out of the forest and head to Hierro Cave.
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Item Place
X-Potion Chest
Hi-Potion Chest
2500 Gil Chest
Ether Chest
Antidote Chest
Cottage Chest
Maiden's Kiss Chest
Cypress Pole Chest