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Ashenhorn is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Rookie Hunter Tragedy hunt.

A Lv.20 ashenhorn also appears in the Leide League of the Totomostro. Its team name is Gjallarhorns.


A subspecies of dualhorn, lighter in color than the rest. Even a single ashenhorn is more dangerous than an entire herd of dualhorns. Countless rookie hunters have lost their lives trying to fell this beast while foraging for food; the irony is that ashenhorn meat is unfit for human consumption.
Size: 16.79 ft. Weight: 6.67 t


Rookie Hunter TragedyHammerhead4
Red Hunt Icon
Ashenhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)397,330 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★



Ashenhorn is a white rhinoceros-type enemy fought on the Leide plains. It is weak to polearms, shields and fire and resists ice. There is a tower that acts as a point-warp spot on the huntsground. The ashenhorn attacks those in front of it with its tusks and can pirouette around in a rage, lashing out in all directions. It body-slams those next to it. It charges at those further away; if not blocked and parried, Noctis will be launched into the air where the player gets the prompt to break momentum with Warp.


Throwing fire-elemental elemancy at the herd is a good way to start the battle. When playing as Noctis, he is easily staggered by the ashenhorn's attacks. The player should remain on guard and look for the parry prompt to prevent Noctis from being launched in the air. The player can use the tower to point-warp and then warp-strike the beasts from there before again retreating. The ashenhorn's behind is its "weak spot" in that it has few means of attacking from that position and blindside-striking can also trigger powerful blindside links. A spear is a good weapon for blindside-striking as the ashenhorn is weak to it and spears can trigger linked attacks.

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