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The Ashcrown Consortium is a organization from Final Fantasy XIV. They are the main intermediary for the beast tribes' crystals negotiations to city-states. Founded by the Sylphs, the organization aims at harmony between all races including beastmen.

Notable members[]


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

For decades, the Ashcrown Consortium took care of the Eorzea's crystal trade, ensuring that everything went smoothly. Due to the Garlean intervention on the continent, the tribes became more aggressive and violent. Negotiations became unviable because the tribes stopped selling their crystals because they believed their primals needed it. The situation created a great deal of unwanted tension and the Ashcrown Consortium asked Path of the Twelve for help.[1]

The adventurer and his path companion are sent to assist the Consortium in negotiating an Amalj'aa dig near Camp Drybone. On the spot, Nananoby, the Ashcrown representative, says that both the Amalj'aa and the Ixal are about to summon their primals and if they succeed, it would mean the death of all those present in the cave. The adventurer manages to delay the summoning rituals of both tribes, but before convincing them to reopen negotiations with the Ashcrown Consortium, a creature that Nananoby and the sylphs call "Ascian" appears and amazes the remaining Amalj'aa and Ixal. The path companion locates a large bag of crystals forgotten by the beastmen, and thus guarantees the stability of the market for a while.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

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