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Focus on a single enemy to deliver several powerful strikes. Significantly increases stagger.


Ascension is Cloud Strife's level 2 limit break in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a physical attack that deals significant damage over the course of several hits, and increases an enemy's stagger gauge significantly. As a limit break, it requires no ATB to use.

Ascension consists of a lunge forward followed by seven slashes of Cloud's sword. For his final eighth slash, Cloud drags the sword up in the air as he leaps up and then crashes down, dealing considerably more damage than the prior hits.

Ascension was called Climhazzard in the original Final Fantasy VII, Cloud's second level 2 limit break. His first level 2 limit break is Blade Beam, which is named Blade Burst and is a normal ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Ascension is obtained from the Legacy: Ascension manuscript. This can be earned at the Corneo Colosseum by completing the challenge "Cloud vs. Wild Animals", which can be done both during chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps", and chapter 14, "In Search of Hope".


Ascension comprises 11 hits, where the final hit is the most powerful. The first four hits of attack powers of 50 each, followed by an attack power of 230 for the fifth, 100 for the sixth, 200 for the seventh, 250 for the eighth, 350 for the ninth, and 170 for the tenth. The final hit has an attack power of 1,300, and an immense stagger rate increase of 50.

The seventh hit has a launch effect against enemies, followed immediately by knockdown on the eighth hit. The final hit also has its own launch effect.


Gotta give it my all!


Cloud's Ascension Limit Break from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE

Ascension deals tremendous damage to a single target, and can damage nearby enemies if they are clustered together. Because it requires no ATB to use, it can be used any time once the limit gauge is filled with no penalties, although it should not be used against enemies who heavily resist physical damage or are under Shield Shield. As a physical ability, Ascension's damage is based on Cloud's Attack Power Attack Power. Ascension is easily capable of killing many targets, and dealing heavy damage to bosses.

Ascension can be used as a means to greatly increase an enemy's stagger gauge and stagger an enemy. Alternatively, because a staggered enemy will take bonus damage, players may choose to wait for an enemy to stagger before using Ascension to take advantage of it.

Cloud can increase the damage output of Ascension through the use of Punisher Mode. Holding the attack button while in Punisher Mode will put Cloud under Berserk status for 10 seconds if Cloud is able to land the entire Punisher Mode repertoire. A character under Berserk deals 25% more damage, including the Ascension limit break.

Cloud can benefit from equipping the Transference Module or Spectral Cogwheel. These accessories increase the limit gauge when Cloud consumes ATB charges or spends MP by casting spells, respectively, both things that Cloud will do often. This can allow Cloud to use Ascension earlier in a fight, depending on his role. However, these may be better on Tifa (who consumes ATB more quickly) or Aerith (who casts spells most often). If obtained, Gotterdammerung also allows Cloud to use Ascension frequently.

Between Ascension and Cloud's level 1 limit break, Cross-Slash, Ascension deals significantly more damage and has the bonus of increasing an enemy's stagger. The main drawback is that it also takes much longer to fill the limit gauge, which can similarly be detrimental if Cloud has Refocus Materia Refocus Materia equipped, as it too will take longer to become active. Another drawback is though Ascension deals more damage, it also has a longer animation time. Overall, Cloud is better at sustaining damage than other party members, based more around dealing raw damage, and has less uses for Refocus than other characters. Therefore, Cloud is normally better off equipping Ascension once obtained.



Ascension is a belief held to be true by multiple religions. Since death is the normal end to an individual's life on Earth and the beginning of the afterlife, entering Heaven without dying first is considered exceptional and usually a sign of God's special recognition of the individual's piety. It can also simply refer to the physical act of rising upward, much like Cloud does in the final hit of the attack.