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Ah, where are my manners? I am Asahi sas Brutus, ambassador plenipotentiary of Garlemald.

Asahi sas Brutus

Asahi sas Brutus is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a tribunus, and an ambassador of the Garlean Empire, and the adoptive brother of Yotsuyu goe Brutus.


Early life[]

Asahi Naeuri was born as the sole child and heir of House Naeuri. He was noted for his aptitude, and after his parents met with a Garlean officer, Asahi was planned to be conscripted into imperial service. When Doman soldiers opposing the Empire's invasion conrened him, Zenos yae Galvus saved Asahi. He fell in love with the crown prince and longed to get his attention despite Zenos barely acknowledging him. Over the years, Asahi became a Garlean citizen and rose to power in Garlemald, becoming a Tribunus and taking on the Garlean surname Brutus.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Asahi and the Populares in Yanxia.

Following Doma's liberation, despite Garlemald refusing to acknowledge its sovereignty, Emperor Varis requested Asahi to conduct negotiations with Doma on a united front to combat the primal threat, instructing him to parley with a prisoner exchange as a sign of goodwill. Before Asahi embarked on his mission, he was summoned by who he assumed was a recuperating Zenos and received instructions to disrupt the treaty by orchestrating a primal summoning.

Asahi arrived in Yanxia to relay Varis's offer of an alliance between their nations to the young Doman lord Hien and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Hien initially rejected the offer, Asahi explaining the Populares' pacifist ideals and how both they and Varis were opposed by the Optimate party nationalists. Offering the prisoner exchange as a sign of trust, Asahi requested Yotsuyu with Hien reluctant to return her to Garlean custody. As Hien pondered it, he allowed Asahi and his party explore his homeland of Namai with the Warrior of Light and Alisaie as escorts.

While observing the destruction caused by his stepsister's reign with desires to restore Doma to its former glory, Asahi accompanied the Scions when they came to some young villagers' aid when they were ambushed by the Red Kojin. Asahi protected the youths and assured them the Red Kojin's actions were a result of the Empire. Returning to the shore, Asahi was delighted to hear of Hien's decision to allow the prisoner exchange, though he reasoned that the amnesiac Yotsuyu would be of no use to the Empire as she was a changed person. Regardless, Hien allowed her to leave with Asahi should her memories return before the exchange. Asahi requested to meet his sister to see if a sight of him would restore her memories. A confused Yotsuyu received a Kojin mirror as a parting gift. On his way back to the airship, Asahi pulled the Warrior of Light aside and revealed his true colors with a glare of raw anger with the ominous promise of a reckoning for what they had done to Zenos. Satisfied with the Warrior unable to land a hand on him due to diplomatic immunity, Asahi reported back to his superiors that things were "going easier than planned".

Asahi waited at the imperial camp and met with Hien right before the hour, showing up with Yotsuyu to display her in good health, though still bereft of her memories. Asahi attempted to restore Yotsuyu's memories by bringing forth their parents, the encounter leaving his stepsister shaken. He later whispered to her that she would return to him soon. With one last push, he escorted their parents to the Doman Enclave, using their greed and selfishness to convince her to return to Garlean service. Though his plan worked, her grief prompted her to murder her parents on the spot for showing no remorse, only greed and disgust towards her, declaring that if she could not escape her nature, she would embrace it.

Asahi expresses his emotions.

Asahi met with Hien at Castrum Fluminis at the promised hour, prepared to exchange prisoners. He revealed his plan to undermine peaceful negotiations, showing off Yotsuyu restored to her former self as she used the Kojin mirror and supply crates containing crystals to transform herself into the primal Tsukiyomi as part of Asahi's plan to paint Doma as treaty violators. Ordering his men to fall back while the Warrior defeated Yotsuyu, Asahi shot his stepsister while gloating that Doma had violated the peace terms and that the Warrior could not touch him without worsening the situation. He expressed his hatred and jealousy over Zenos giving his less-faithful stepsister more power than him, repeatedly kicking the seemingly defenseless Yotsuyu's broken body.

It should have been mine. The power he bestowed upon her... I should have been the one to govern Doma! I would have repaid his faith! No one alive loves him more than I! Instead, this harlot betrayed his trust! Useless...piece of...filth! Worthless whore!


Yotsuyu kills Asahi.

Before Asahi could finish her, Yotsuyu used the last of her eikon power to impale him with her swords. She succumbed to her wounds with full knowledge that she had killed the last person responsible for what she had become. With his dying breath, Asahi cursed the Warrior of Light and promised that Zenos would come after them. Asahi's plans to disrupt the prisoner exchange failed when his fellow Populares subordinate Maxima quo Priscus overheard the details and allowed the exchange to go through as planned, with Emperor Varis later learning of Asahi's plot.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Asahi‘s corpse possessed by Fandaniel.

Some time after Asahi's death, the rogue Ascian Fandaniel possessed his corpse and took on Asahi's identity. Fandaniel used it to recruit Zenos for his personal agenda, revealing the story of the ancients while offering him both the Warrior of Light and Zodiark in exchange for his aid.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Within the aetherial sea, Asahi's soul appeared before the soul of Fandaniel—or Amon, as he was truly known—and chastised his lack of conviction for Amon had started to regret everything he had done. Asahi didn't care that Amon had used his body to bring about the Final Days, and even enjoyed its part in bringing despair to the "savior of the savages". However, he couldn't tolerate Amon using his body to betray Zenos. Enraged, Asahi dragged Amon down into oblivion with him.



Asahi is a young Hyuran with pale skin and short black hair and eyes. He wears a Garlean white uniform with Doman aesthetics. The sword he wields is a high steel tachi, and later on he wields a Pre-imperial Garlean Revolver.


Upon his initial introduction, Asahi presents himself as kind-hearted and understanding, wishing to broker peace between Garlemald and Doma as the Empire's voice. Being of Doman blood, he is appalled at the destruction left in his stepsister's wake when he sees the ruins and disarray his home village was left in under her rule. During a battle with the Red Kojin, he shields Isse and Azami from their attacks.

Once left alone with the Warrior of Light, Asahi reveals his true colors as a spiteful man seeking to avenge Zenos yae Galvus's defeat. Asahi's admiration of Zenos crosses into obsession, proclaiming none alive loves him more. This fueled his jealousy towards his sister whom Zenos gave more power. Asahi is conniving and scheming, not above sacrificing his own parents to get what he wants. Despite being an influential voice in the Populares, he does not believe in any of their ideals. Asahi uses his position as Ambassador to antagonize the Warrior to cause an international incident to violate the treaty between Garlemald and Doma.

During his childhood Asahi was apathetic towards his stepsister's struggle. His jealousy and hatred towards her on the "unfairness" between them shows Asahi is spoiled and ungrateful. His parents gave him everything he needed and wanted for a life of privilege and power, but he was more loyal to Zenos. He feels entitled and deserving of Yotsuyu's rank and authority.

Even after his death, his soul appearing in the aetherial sea, Asahi has no regrets in his actions during his time alive, from abusing his adopted sister to betraying his homeland. All that matters to Asahi is serving Zenos, his deluded obsession with the Garlean prince remaining strong. He does not even care that an Ascian would use his body to recreate the Final Days, which would destroy the world; Asahi actually approves, out of spite, as it would bring despair against the Warrior of Light.

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Triple Triad[]

Asahi sas Brutus Card
Asahi Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 222
Total stats 17
Type Garlean
Description “Will you surrender to anger, then? Slay an anointed emissary to avenge a fallen foe?”
Obtain Obtained from Hachinan, located in Yanxia (26, 12).


Asahi is voiced by Matt McCooey in English and Junichi Yanagita in Japanese, both of whom go on to voice Fandaniel in Shadowbringers.



Asahi means "morning sun" in Japanese. He might be intentionally named to oppose his adoptive sister Yotsuyu goe Brutus (meaning "night dew" in Japanese).