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As the Sky Falls was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


This event found its source's two unlikely lovers in situations of extreme peril throughout.

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  • When an assassination attempt on Edea Kramer goes awry, Rinoa maneuvers herself into a deadly gargoyle trap, though her intent had been to assist from behind the scenes. Squall and Irvine step in to head off the living statues. Squall later squares off against arch rival Seifer in a bid to engage Edea head-on, with Irvine and Rinoa as support.
  • In the midst of the Balamb Garden Revolt, Edea retaliates against her would-be killers from the earlier plot. Though Squall and his comrades manage to divert the missiles headed for Balamb Garden completely by accident, their actions also raise the ire of SeeD financier NORG, whose motives were aimed at appeasement of the sorceress. Squall's team intervenes, allowing Cid Kramer a chance to escape and reformulate his strategy against Edea's growing power.
  • The second clash with Edea knocks her back to sense, but leaves Rinoa in a coma. Edea joins forces with Squall's team to find a cure. Through the Great Salt Lake and its valleys of dry bones, they must find a route to the veiled city of Esthar.
  • Meanwhile, the threat revealed by Edea and expanded upon by Dr. Odine continues to work through Rinoa, aboard the Lunar Base. Its purpose accomplished, it jettisons its host into deep space, necessitating yet another rescue mission. Squall carries Rinoa to a derelict spacecraft infested with multiplying alien monstrosities.
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Musical themes[]

"Love Grows" was the principal theme for this event.