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Arylon is a minor non-player character from the original Final Fantasy. She is a Dancer that wanders around the town of Cornelia near the fountain in Cornelia at the center of town. Cornelia's chancellor mentions that the dancing girl in town knows many strange things. Arylon is quite helpful at the beginning of the game.

Interestingly, she mentions that she has no time for a dance, but will then tell the Warriors of Light something else that will help them in their quest to restore the crystals. She will help guide them by giving information on what to do next.

She is only given a name in the North American release on the NES. In the remakes of Final Fantasy, she is nameless.


Clue Description
1 Defeating the pirates will acquire a sailing ship.
2 Visit Matoya's Cave to find out that her Crystal Eye is missing.
3 In the town of Elfheim's, the prince is in a deep sleep caused by Astos.
4 Going to the Marsh Cave to get the crown.
5 Finding out that the Western Keep's king is really Astos.
6 Returning Matoya's eye and receiving a special potion that should be given to the Prince of Elfheim, awards the Mystic Key.
7 The Nitro Powder location in Castle Cornelia and using it to open up the canal.
8 Says that the Earth Crystal should be saved.