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Arvis is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a member of the Returners living in Narshe. When he is first met by the player, his dialogue is credited to Old Man (老人, Rōjin?). Arvis is one of the first people to appear in the game, where he helps Terra Branford and Locke Cole.



Arvis is an older man with a blue shirt and white pants. He has blond hair.


Arvis is a good-natured man who helps Terra escape from the Narshe Guards despite her being an enemy, believing that she is not responsible for her actions due to the Slave Crown. Arvis is frustrated by his fellow townspeople taking a neutral stance on the Third Gestahlian Campaign, believing that Narshe will not stay safe from imperial aggression. He has grown disillusioned by unsuccessfully trying to convince the residents to side with the Returners, describing them as "too stubbornly independent".


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Arvis commenting on Narshe's policy of neutrality

Arvis was one of the few residents of Narshe to pick a side in the war with the Empire. Narshe was a neutral town and most of the residents prefered that it stayed that way, but after they dug up frozen esper in the mines, Arvis believed the Gestahlian Empire would attack the town anyway.

When Terra Branford is sent to raid Narshe to obtain the frozen esper for the Empire, it reacted to her presence and knocked her unconscious and Arvis rescued her. When she awoke she had amnesia and he consoled her that her memory would return in time. The Narshe guards found Terra and demanded Arvis hand her over to be arrested, and Arvis told Terra to flee into the mines. He contacted Locke Cole to get Terra out of town and take her to the Returner Hideout to meet with their leader, Banon.

The Returners meet Arvis.

Terra, Banon, and King Edgar returned to Narshe to visit Arvis and take a look at the frozen esper for themselves. Arvis brings them to see the Elder of Narshe to convince him of the need for Narshe to join the Returners. The Elder hesitated, but when Locke arrived with news of an impending Imperial attack, Banon and the others helped defend Narshe in the battle for the Frozen Esper. The attack convinced the Elder that war was inevitable and he agreed to ally with the Returners.

After a series of events, Arvis and Banon suggested a strategy for overthrowing the Empire; Terra would plead for the espers' help and have them attack Vector from the east while a coalition of Returners and Narshe guards, led by Arvis and Banon, would storm Vector from the north. Terra's plea was answered, but the espers went too far and decimated Vector. The Returners-Narshe coalition arrived and occupied the city, and Arvis was shocked by the destruction.

After Terra and Locke depart for Thamasa by ship, Arvis is not seen again.

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Other media[]

In the remakes from Dawn of Souls onwards Arvis is one of the default names the player can choose for the Monk job.

Behind the scenes[]

Like with Banon, Arvis's fate after the events in Thamasa is unknown. The developers refused to comment on this, with Hironobu Sakaguchi saying, "Use your imagination".[1]

In the mobile and Steam releases, Arvis's sprite sheet is expanded, giving him animations for winking, raising his arm, and a look of surprise. These new animations are not used.



Arvis has its origins in the Old English language, it means "friend of the people".