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Artifacts are treasures found throughout the various dungeons of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Players may find several artifacts in a dungeon which will increase their stats until the end of the dungeon, at which point they will have to pick one artifact to keep that will permanently increase their stats.

Strength Raising Artifacts Edit

Artifact Effect Common location
Ashura Strength +1 Tida Village (Cycle 1)
Double Axe Strength +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Engetsurin Strength +1 Daemon's Court (Cycle 1)
Fang Charm Strength +1 Daemon's Court (Cycle 1)
Flametongue Strength +2 Mount Kilanda (Cycle 1)
Gekkabijin Strength +5 Moschet Manor (Boss)
Giant's Glove Strength +3 Mount Kilanda (Cycle 1)
Green Beret Strength +1 Mushroom Forest (Cycle 1)
Heavy Armband Strength +3 Daemon's Court (Cycle 2)
Ice Brand Strength +2 Tida (Cycle 1)
Kaiser Knuckles Strength +1 Tida (Cycle 1)
Loaded Dice Strength +2 Conall Curach (Cycle 1)
Maneater Strength +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Masamune Strength +5 Mount Kilanda (Boss)
Masquerade Strength +3 Daemon's Court (Cycle 2)
Mjollnir Strength +3 Selepation Cave (Cycle 2)
Murasame Strength +4 Mine of Cathuriges (Boss)
Ogrekiller Strength +2 Tida (Cycle 1)
Onion Sword Strength +1 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 3)
Power Wristband Strength +1 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Sasuke's Blade Strength +3 River Belle Path (Cycle 3)
Shuriken Strength +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Twisted Headband Strength +2 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)

Magic Raising Artifacts Edit

Artifact Effect Common location
Book of Light Magic +1 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Candy Ring Magic +1 Tida Village (Cycle 1)
Cat's Bell Magic +1 Selepation Cave (Cycle 1)
Dark Matter Magic +5 Tida (Cycle 3)
Dragon's Whisker Magic +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Faerie Ring Magic +1 Tida (Cycle 1)
Galatyn Magic +7 Goblin Wall (Boss) 173+
Gold Hairpin Magic +5 Daemon's Court (Cycle 2)
Kris Magic +3 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Mage Masher Magic +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Mage's Staff Magic +5 Daemon's Court (Cycle 2 & 3)
Noah's Lute Magic +5 Kilanda Islands (Cycle 1)
Red Slippers Magic +3 Conall Curach (Cycle 1)
Ribbon Magic +9 Rebena Te Ra (Boss) 233+
Rune Bell Magic +3 Rebena Te Ra (Cycle 2)
Rune Staff Magic +1 Moschet Manor (Cycle 1)
Sage's Staff Magic +3 Kilanda (Cycle 1)
Silver Bracer Magic +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Taotie Motif Magic +7 Veo Lu Sluice (Boss) 143+
Tome of Ultima Magic +10 Conall Curach (Boss) 308+, can also be found in Cycle 3 within the level
Winged Cap Magic +1 Tida (Cycle 1)
Wonder Wand Magic +3 Tida (Cycle 1)

Defense Raising Artifacts Edit

Artifact Effect Common location
Aegis Defense +5 Daemon's Court (Boss) 161+
Black Hood Defense +2 Lynari Desert (Cycle 2)
Buckler Defense +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Chicken Knife Defense +3 Kilanda (Cycle 2)
Drill Defense +1 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Elven Mantle Defense +2 Rebena Te Ra (Cycle 1)
Helm of Arai Defense +2 Tida (Cycle 1)
Main Gauche Defense +2 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Rat's Tail Defense +2 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 2)
Ring of Protection Defense +4 Selepation Cave (Boss) 247+
Save the Queen Defense +4 River Belle Path (Boss) 150+
Silver Spectacles Defense +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Sparkling Bracer Defense +1 Tida (Cycle 1 & 2)
Teddy Bear Defense +2 Lynari Desert (Cycle 2)
Wonder Bangle Defense +3 River Belle Path (Cycle 3)

Command Slot Artifacts Edit

Artifact Effect Common location
Chocobo Pocket CS +1 Tida (Cycle 1)
Gobbie Pocket CS +1 Lynari Desert (Cycle 1), Conall Curach (175+ points)
Moogle Pocket CS +1 River Belle Path (Cycle 1)
Ultimate Pocket CS +1 Catheriges Mine (Boss) 146+

Magicite Rings Edit

Magicite rings are a special type of command slot item that allows one to use the specified spell. Unlike a regular magicite stone, magicite rings will not disappear if the player exits a dungeon after acquiring them.

Note that magicite rings are never a guaranteed drop, even if the player meets the criteria. Point criteria merely means how much one needs for it to start being able to show up. More points does not guarantee a higher chance of getting it.

Artifact Effect Common location
Fire Ring Magic +1, Fire Mount Kilanda
Blizzard Ring Magic +1, Blizzard Veo Lu Sluice
Thunder Ring Magic +1, Thunder Selepation Cave
Cure Ring Magic +1, Cure Conall Curach
Life Ring Magic +1, Life Conall Curach (Boss) 302+

Heart Pendants Edit

Artifact Effect Common location
Earth Pendant Heart +1 Mushroom Forest (Cycle 1)
Moon Pendant Heart +1 Veo Lu Sluice (Cycle 1)
Star Pendant Heart +1 Conall Curach (Cycle 3?), Lynari Desert (Cycle 1), & Mount Kilanda (Cycle 1?)
Sun Pendant Heart +1 Lynari Desert (Boss) 227+
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