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A man who lived by hunting. Though Artemios wasn't from a hunting clan and started as a hobbyist, he knew no greater pleasure and eventually turned hunting into his trade. Dark rumors circulated that beasts weren't the only thing he hunted...

In-game description

Artemios is a character and summonable unit from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. An ranger and remarkable hunter hailing from Grandshelt, his vision can be summoned by Rain and Lasswell to aid them in their battles.


Originally an inhabitant from within the Kingdom of Grandshelt's territories,[1] Artemios was a lowly peasant that took archery as his hobby, but later developed his extraordinary skill with the bow through continued practice.

He knew no greater pleasure and eventually turned hunting into his trade, killing beasts and monsters alike. Sometimes, during his monster hunts, Artemios could be spotted wearing white garments (his "Cupid Artemios" attire). However, when asked about them, he would not speak himself of why he was doing so.

Eventually, people started to hire him as an assassin as well. Undeterred by the change in targets, he was thoroughly exploited as an agent of death, but it made him grow so savage that he began to attack people indiscriminately.

Ultimately, and considered by some as a brutal assassin, Artemios was hunted down when his peers decided he was too dangerous to let live in his deranged state. In his death, he left behind a crystal with his memories, to be summoned by those with the power of visions.


Artemios's job is listed as Ranger. A 3-5★ Rare Summon, Artemios's main battle role is Physical Damage. He has no natural element or status resistances, and can equip only bows and daggers. As armor, he can wear hats, clothes, and accessories only. Artemios' Trust Master reward is the Equip Bow materia – which enables a unit to equip bows.

Atermios has a variant: the Global-exclusive "Cupid Artemios" (4-6★) unit, available only during the Trials of Love event. His job listed as Cupid Archer, Artemios' battle role change (being a Physical Damage and Support-type of unit) and adds the capacity to equip throwing weapons. His Trust Master reward is the Soluna Band accessory.