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Noel holding an artefact.

Artefacts (オーパーツ, Ōpātsu?, lit. OOPArts) and Wild Artefacts are elements of story and gameplay in Final Fantasy XIII-2. They allow use of Time Gates, portals to the Historia Crux where they unlock new locations.

Time Gates appear whenever there is a distortion in time, but each gate can only be accessed with a specific artefact. Each artefact is indicated by an objective marker on the map, as each is required to advance the story.

Wild Artefacts almost always unlock gates leading to optional locations, and therefore must be searched out by the player.

Since artefacts are not supposed to exist, due to being formed when two timelines collide, they can only be uncovered by use of the Moogle Hunt and Moogle Throw commands.


Artefacts are the keys that activate Time Gates. These objects can appear in any form, and are only identified as 'things that shouldn't exist' or 'items from another time,' making the search for an artefact a difficult task.

Artefacts are strongly tied to their possessors, and are also said to take on completely different shapes depending on the person who handles them.

List of artefacts[]

New Bodhum[]

Name Year Description Unlocks
Giant's Artefact 3 AF A mechanical artifact exquisitely crafted in the shape of a left hand. Bresha Ruins
-005 AF-
Artefact of the Ark 700 AF An artefact for the final battle, created with the last of the goddess's strength. Academia
-500 AF-

Bresha Ruins[]

Name Year Description Unlocks
Eclipse Artefact 5 AF An artefact of unknown properties that resembles an image projector of some kind. Yaschas Massif
-010 AF-
Reunion Artefact A curious artefact carved into the shape of a flan monster. Sunleth Waterscape
-300 AF-

Yaschas Massif[]

Name Year Description Unlocks
Hollow Artefact 10 AF An artefact in the form of an old-fashioned clock, in which passing grains of sand mark the passage of time. Oerba
-200 AF-
Mysterious Artefact 1X AF An artefact that can only be identified by using it to open a gate. Becomes the Restoration Artefact once used.
Restoration Artefact An artefact created with technology far beyond human comprehension. Academia
-400 AF-


Name Year Description Unlocks
Artefact of Origins 200 AF An artefact radiating the sun's warmth. Yaschas Massif
-01X AF-

Sunleth Waterscape[]

Name Year Description Unlocks
Thundering Artefact 300 AF An artefact of the land that's cool to the touch. Archylte Steppe
-Year Unknown-
Combat Artefact A sinister artefact to which the faint tang of blood still clings. Coliseum
-Year Unknown-
Mysterious Artefact An artefact that can only be identified by using it to open a gate. Becomes the Illusionary Artefact once used.
Illusionary Artefact A delightful artefact made from an array of coins. Serendipity
-Year Unknown-


Name Year Description Unlocks
Tower Artefact 400 AF An artefact with the capability to process large amounts of information. Augusta Tower
-200 AF-
Vagabond Artefact 4XX AF An artefact reminiscent of Valhalla. A Dying World
-700 AF-

Augusta Tower[]

Name Year Description Unlocks
Artefact of Rebirth 200 AF An artefact brimming with hope for a better future. Academia
-4XX AF-

List of Wild Artefacts[]

Location Area How to obtain
Bresha Ruins
-005 AF-
Echoes of the Past, near the gate next to Chocolina. After tutorial, use Moogle Hunt.
Bresha Ruins
Lamentable Rest, center Complete the Iridium Ring fragment and use Moogle Hunt near the NPC's location.
-200 AF-
Village Proper, Northwest After completing the temporal rift, use Moogle Throw from the southern platform.
Sunleth Waterscape
-300 AF-
Animal Trail (on Enlil) Halfway through the journey, use Moogle Throw on the east side.
Archylte Steppe
-Year Unknown-
West Clearwater Marshes Once access is gained, use Moogle Throw onto the low platform to gain the Artefact.
Augusta Tower
-200 AF-
50th floor, inner walkway Can be acquired without Moogle abilities.
-4XX AF-
Alley, Southeast corner Moogle Hunt required.
Yaschas Massif
-100 AF-
The Paddraean Archaeopolis Complete each Ruby of Grief fragment, then the Temporal Rift at the Paddraean Archaeopolis.
A Dying World
-700 AF-
The Farseers' Relic Once all storyline objectives are complete, examine the Oracle Drive (Moogle Hunt required).
-Year Unknown-
Racing Reception or Hall of Gaming, Casino Vendors. Purchase for 10,000 Casino Coins (or 7,500 Casino Coins with the Bargain Hunter Fragment Skill).

Behind the scenes[]

Acquisition of a Bountiful Artefact.

The description of each artefact foreshadows the events of the time period that it unlocks.

A pre-release screenshot shows an item obtained in the Yaschas Massif known as a Bountiful Artefact. The item is renamed to Mysterious Artefact in the final game.

The Illusionary and Restoration Artefacts can have their acquisitions reversed. If the player clears Yaschas Massif -10AF- before clearing Sunleth Waterscape -300AF-, the Illusionary Artefact will be obtained in Yaschas Massif, while the Restoration Artefact will be obtained in Sunleth Waterscape.



The Artefact's Japanese name is OOPart, out-of-place artifact, which refers to an object of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual or seemingly impossible context that could challenge conventional historical chronology.

The spelling of the word "artefact" with an e instead of an i is unusual for US English spelling. It is common for other regions, such as UK English. This may have been deliberate, to highlight the out-of-place nature of the artefacts.