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It's good to see you, Princess.

Artania as Garnet arrives in Lindblum

Artania is Cid's minister in Final Fantasy IX. He greets the party when they arrive in Lindblum for the first time, and quickly arranges for an audience with Regent Cid for them. As the game progresses Artania provides assistance as much as he can, which usually involves giving access to different parts of Lindblum's Grand Castle, or giving the party important items for their journey. Garnet refers to him as "Uncle Artania".

The item description for the Falcon Claw key item is by someone named "Shaman Artania", but it is unknown it is the same person as Minister Artania.



Minister Artania has a tall physique with long gray hair and a beard. He wears a brown overcoat with a green trim and white cuffs, a white surplice, bluish trousers and shoes. He carries with him a thick green book.


Artania advises Regent Cid on upcoming events or the consequences of certain actions throughout the game. He is polite, professional and loyal to Lindblum, and something of a grounding influence to the more eccentric Cid. Artania enforces the secrecy surrounding Regent Cid's recent transformation, concealing it from the general public in fear how they as well as rival kingdoms may react. He always acts in what he considers to be in the best interests of both Cid and Lindblum.


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Artania introduces Cid.

Artania formally greets the party upon their arrival in Lindblum via the Cargo Ship. Upon recognizing Garnet's pendant, he takes her to see Regent Cid, where it is revealed that he has been transformed into an oglop.

Later, after Lindblum is attacked by Queen Brahne, Artania discreetly leads the party to Cid's chambers without alerting the Alexandrian Soldiers to their presence. Artania is often present when the party strategises their next move in Lindblum, and offers advice and counsel when he can. He is also present when Zidane and Doctor Tot accidentally turn the regent into a frog.

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Other appearances[]

Tetra Master[]

Artania appears as an opponent in PlayOnline's Tetra Master.

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