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The Onion Arrow in Final Fantasy XII.

Arrow (, Ya?), also called Bolts, are projectiles shot from bows or crossbows in the Final Fantasy series. They serve as the counterpart to bows and the arrows that are shot are consumed. Most arrows have an element or status effect associated with them. In some games that feature arrows as a type of weapon, when a character runs out of arrows and attacks an enemy, they'll attack with their bare hands.


Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Arrows are used in conjunction with bows, and are used mainly by the Ranger class, though Onion Knights can also equip them, and Freelancers, Warriors, Black Mages, and Red Mages can equip some of them.

List of arrows:

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Arrows are used in conjunction with bows, which in most versions can be wielded by Rosa, Rydia, Edward, Palom, Porom, Cecil, and Cid.

In all 2D releases, attacking with a bow consumes a single arrow, and if the user runs out of arrows they would attack Unarmed. In the 3D release, equipping arrows with a bow provides an infinite supply of them and only Rosa can equip bows and arrows in these releases.

List of arrows:

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

Arrows have the same function as the original game.

List of arrows:

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Arrows have an infinite use once purchased.

List of arrows:

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Arrows and bolts are a slot used primarily for expendable items.

List of arrows:
  • Wooden Arrow
  • Stone Arrow
  • Bone Arrow
  • Iron Arrow
  • Fang Arrow
  • Beetle Arrow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Silver Arrow
  • Horn Arrow
  • Sleep Arrow
  • Gold Arrow
  • Scorpion Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Lightning Arrow
  • Bodkin Arrow
  • Platinum Arrow
  • Earth Arrow
  • Water Arrow
  • Wind Arrow
  • Obsidian Arrow
  • Demon Arrow
  • Combat Caster's Arrow
  • Grand Knight's Arrow
  • Patriarch Protector's Arrow
  • Temple Knight's Arrow
  • Marid Arrow
  • Kabura Arrow
  • Paralysis Arrow
  • Rune Arrow
  • Antlion Arrow
  • Aeolus Arrow
  • Ruszor Arrow
  • Gargouille Arrow
  • Old Arrow
  • Crude Arrow
List of bolts:
  • Bronze Bolt
  • Crossbow Bolt
  • Blind Bolt
  • Acid Bolt
  • Sleep Bolt
  • Bloody Bolt
  • Venom Bolt
  • Holy Bolt
  • Mythril Bolt
  • Black Bolt
  • Darksteel Bolt
  • Gold Musketeer's Bolt
  • Iron Musketeer's Bolt
  • Darkling Bolt
  • Fusion Bolt
  • Dogbolt

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Arrows serve as ammunition for bows while bolts serve as ammunition for crossbows, both must be equipped separately. The player does not need to stock up on arrows or bolts. Once they are bought, it gives the player an infinite amount of supply.

List of arrows: List of bolts:

Final Fantasy Mystic QuestEdit

Up to 99 arrows can be carried by Phoebe. If she runs out of arrows, she will attack with her bare hands. Phoebe can be replenish her arrows from brown chest found within temples or dungeons.

List of arrows:

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

FFA Lester's Arrow

The only arrow that appears is the Arrow used by Lester.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Generic Arrow Sprite

While arrow themselves cannot be equipped onto a character, they appear when performing physical attacks with bows.

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