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Today I learned of the terrible Armstrong. This monster inherited its name from a family that once lived in Tida.The village's people died waiting for their caravan's return, but their grief lingered behind. When at last the caravan came, its members were warmly greeted into their former home and never left it alive.

Diary Entry, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Armstrong is a house-like monstrosity in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It resides in the courtyard at the end of Tida Village, the fallen village. At first glance it appears to be a strange building standing alone in its small field. It suddenly bursts out of the ground, revealing its true form, a fungal structure with a fence for one arm, a cannon for the other, and a needle spitting protrusion as its head.



Where Armstrong lacks in power, it makes up in speed and diversity of attacks. It is one of the fastest moving bosses in the game, and most of its attacks come with very little notice. Even though Tida has one of the widest areas in the game for its boss fight, Armstrong will very quickly close in on the caravanners. While it is not as difficult as the rest of the level might suggest it to be or when compared to later bosses, it is a good deal more difficult than bosses that precede it.

  • Slow Mist - As with many bosses, Armstrong has an attack which slows any player it touches. It has very limited range, but is fast and affects everything in his immediate vicinity.
  • Poison Gas - This is Armstrong's slowest attack. After the monster's head rears back, it will spray a wide green cloud, dealing light damage but poisoning anyone it hits.
  • Needle Storm - This is the first of Armstrong's three heavy damage attacks. It only hits a small area directly ahead of him, but hits the player very hard with a flurry of needles.
  • Fence Swing - The second heavy damage attack Armstrong has is also its simplest. Armstrong stops moving, quickly raises the fence, and swipes it around in a circle.
  • Cannon - Armstrong's final attack is very fast and powerful. In one swift movement it fires a shot from its cannon arm, exploding a short distance away when it hits the ground. Battling Armstrong in future cycles adds statuses to the cannons. Cycle 3 on adds the curse status to the attack.

Support Monsters[]

Armstrong has two Skeleton Mages to aid it in battle. These are just like every other skeleton in the village, posing little threat. When they appear, the best bet is to destroy them before proceeding with Armstrong.


The best way to go about this battle is to deal fire damage if at all possible. Long range is better than short, seeing as it renders two of Armstrong's attacks useless, though this is easier said than done. Physical attacks are also not a bad idea, but this will enable Armstrong to use its short range attacks. Whenever its Skeleton Mages appear, attack them quickly to be able to focus on the boss without them disrupting you with their spells.