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Armored Swordsman is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during the main quest Express Train for Trouble. It is a magitek trooper who wields a large sword with one hand and uses its other hand as a gun.


Outfitted with a state-of-the-art set of parts, this model is a cut above previous iterations. Mass production has not yet begun on this unit, however, so only a handful of them have seen actual combat.
Size: 7 ft. 2 in. Weight: 372.1 lb.



The player faces armored swordsmen when defending the train in Chapter 11. The swordsmen's arms have firearms built in and they use them to fire at the train. The player's party consists of Noctis and Prompto, but the player need not worry about the latter as he won't easily fall into Danger state during this segment. The player should instead focus on taking out all enemies as fast as possible.


The player can defeat them with warp-strikes. The Cerberus's sniper mode also defeats them in one head-shot (easily pulled off in Wait Mode).


  • Armored swordsman yields less EXP than what the official guide indicates.

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