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The Armored Fiend is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV. It can be found at the Lunar Subterrane and the Lair of the Father and gives a large sum of EXP upon defeat. The Armored Fiend is weak against Lightning and may drop an extremely rare Black Tail, which can be taken to the Adamant Isle Grotto for a reward.

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Armored Fiend is a weak enemy in terms of attack power, but has high HP and defenses. In the 3D versions, the Armored Fiend counters any magical attack by self-destructing, which in turn can potentially kill a party member. The Armored Fiend can also use Flamethrower, which inflicts a deadly Fire-elemental to all party members. The most efficient way of defeating Armored Fiends is by using physical attacks and avoiding the use of magic.

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A fiend is an evil spirit or a demon in mythology.

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