Armet is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Mafdet's model from Final Fantasy X. Armet is vulnerable to many status effects making it easy to deal with.

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I'm actually quite happy that I became a fiend. Do you find that odd? When I was human, life was just so difficult! Things are so much better for me now! I mean right now, I have freedom! It feels good to be alive!
Until recently, I had no memory of my human life. I'm sure it's because I didn't want to remember. There's a cave where fiends such as I work together to build new lives for ourselves. But one day, I suddenly remembered those terrible days of battle... the days when I was married!
I was once a sailor. I was wooed by my husband and moved from Besaid to Kilika. My husband was a good man, but he could never stand up to his mother. My mother-in-law considered me a rube, and she and my sister-in-law chided me in my husband's absence. Of course, I didn't just sit there and take it, though!
But those days of arguing would come to an end... when Sin attacked Kilika. But looking back, I'm glad I have those memories. It makes me grateful for what I have right now! Well then, I suppose I should be getting back to the others.

Armet was created from the soul of a Besaidian woman who married into a Kilikan family prior to her death during Sin's attack on Kilika and found happiness as a fiend. However, Armet learns her that both her mother-in-law and her sister-law who tormented her in life have become a Bully Cap and Flan Amarillo respectively as their conflict in life continues in death.

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The armet is a type of helmet which was developed in the 15th century.

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