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Revives and fully restores the HP of a KO'd target.


Arise, also known as Life 2,[1][2] is a Healing spell in Final Fantasy VI. It is the stronger revival spell that brings an ally back to life at full HP. Against undead enemies, it has a chance to instantly kill them. It is learned naturally by Terra, and can be earned by party members through magicite.

Arise is also an enemy ability cast by Curlax, Magic Urn, and Lady.


Arise is learned naturally by Terra at level 49. Due to the importance of the spell, she should ideally be taught it earlier. The spell is taught by Phoenix at a x2 rate.


Raise revives a KO'd party member at maximum HP (calculated as 16/16 of their HP). If used against a party member not KO'd, it will miss. The spell is vulnerable to Runic. It can instantly kill undead enemies.


Arise is a very costly but extremely turn- and MP-efficient ability. Unlike Raise or Phoenix Down, Arise does not require the player to immediately heal the KO'd party member afterward. Although the spell is very costly, it should replace Raise as their revival spell because it is still more turn-efficient than following up with Cura or Curaga after a heal, not to mention much more turn-efficient.

Because Arise is not affected by the Magic stat of the caster, the spell should be taught to every party member. In fact, it is often be better for non-caster party members to use Arise to conserve the MP of spellcasters who can better take advantage of damaging or healing spells where their Magic stat plays a role. The only exception is when the Gold Hairpin, Celestriad, and Soul of Thamasa come into play: when a spellcaster in the party is given one of these, it is still better for the spellcaster to use Arise due to the greatly improved efficiency these relics provide.

Arise mostly renders Raise obsolete unless the player is stretched for MP. An alternative to Arise is Reraise. Reraise is a more proactive spell, that revives a KO'd party member only when they are KO'd. This is a better proactive spell to cast in a lot of cases, but the player should keep in mind that Reraise does not fully heal the party member as Arise does, and should thus be prepared to heal a party member revived by Reraise. For party members KO'd before Reraise is applied, Soul of Thamasa's Dualcast can be useful to apply Arise and Reraise immediately after one another.