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Arion is a minor character from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is Reuben's father.


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Benjamin receiving the Thunder Rock.

Arion and his friend went to investigate the volcano, but his friend ran when he saw the monsters in the volcano. But a huge boulder fell and trapped Arion, the boulder blocks the path and prevents anyone from rescuing him. When Benjamin and Reuben talks to Arion's friend, he tells them that only a Mega Grenade can free him and happily teaches them how to use them.

Benjamin and Reuben go through the abandoned mine and they reach the boulder. Reuben throws a Mega Grenade at the boulder and frees the path, allowing Arion to return to Fireburg. He is seen recuperating at his home in bed. He tells them the location of the Crystal of Fire is located within Lava Dome.

Later, Benjamin seeks his help and travels back to Fireburg. Arion gives Benjamin the Thunder Rock he seeks which allows him to reach Spencer's Place via the Rainbow Bridge Machine.

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Arion was a kitharode in ancient Greece, a Dionysiac poet credited with inventing the dithyramb. The islanders of Lesbos claimed him as their native son, but Arion found a patron in Periander, tyrant of Corinth.