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One of many Stellazzio in the world. The story of 12 Zodiacs. The 11 Zodiacs pondered. How best to catch Virgo's heart? Aries headed east.

Aries Symbol.png Aries (アリエス, Ariesu?), the Ram, is a sign of the zodiac and a recurring symbol in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy IX[]

Aries is one of the Stellazzio coins collected by Queen Stella. It is the first coin able to be retrieved and is found on the ground level of the windmill in Dali, in the northwest corner of the room.

Final Fantasy XI[]

The Aries Subligar is one of the thirteen Zodiac subligaria obtained from a Fomor Black Mage in specific level-capped dungeons around Tavnazia. It is used to obtain the "Duende Cotehardie", a garment worn by Black Mages and Summoners.

Additionally, the Ariesian Casters were a Windurstian Caster Company composed of white mages that fought in the Crystal War, led by Lutete.

Lastly, there is a Notorious Monster known as Aries, a ram encountered during a KSNM encounter at Horlais Peak.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The Esper Belias, aligned with the element of Fire, embodies the sign of Aries. In the Zodiac versions, the Aries emblem is represented by the White Mage job. Aries Gems are dropped by Beast-type enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The guardian constellation of Aries.

Zodiac sign description

Final Fantasy Tactics Character Card Books card.

Aries is one of the twelve auracites, and one of the seven inhabited by a Lucavi demon. The Knights Templar give the Aries Stone to Wiegraf Folles, who is unaware of its power until met with death at Orbonne Monastery. Sensing the knight will do anything to grasp onto life, the spirit of Belias within the Stone promises Wiegraf eternal power if he will give himself over to the Lucavi spirit. Folles accepts, and is transformed into Belias on the spot.

Aries is also a zodiac sign used to determine damage compatibility between characters during battle. Aries has optimal compatibility with Libra, good compatibility with Sagittarius and Leo, and bad compatibility with Cancer and Scorpio. In the Ivalician calendar system, the month of Aries lasts 30 days and corresponds with the dates March 21 to April 19 of the real world Gregorian calendar.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Aries Recipe appears as a trade accessory.


Aries is one of the constellations of the zodiac, and its also a zodiac sign used in astrology.