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Argy 2

The Argy 2 is a classification of robots and non-player characters in Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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The first Argy-2 was created by Cid, who appropriated Dr. Lugae's work with the original Argy to create a superior automaton of higher power and greater obedience. Cid reveals his weapon on the Heliogabalus after his attempts to control the original were thwarted by the four Warriors of Light. Argy 2 engages the party, and after a long fight against them and the first Argy, it is defeated and destroyed.

When the Warriors of Light invade the newly repaired Heliogabalus, three Argy 2s block their progress under Cid's command. They defeat the party, but are stopped from killing them by the first Argy, who communicates with them via the Whisperweed, and tells her "sisters" that the four are friends. The party slips by the robots while Argy talks to them and makes them feel loved.

The party finds Cid in the airship dock of the Heliogabalus attempting to escape the sinking ship. Cid deploys the three Argy 2s from earlier to fight his aggressors, and claims they now act as his bodyguards. He orders them to exterminate his foes, but the three refuse, having been convinced by Argy that the four are their friends, and that they must be protected rather than destroyed. The three decide to stay on the ship with their creator when the Warriors of Light leave, a decision that moves Cid profoundly. While it is first believed that Cid died in the Heliogabalus's destruction, it is later revealed the three Argy duplicates protected him from the crash and safely removed him from the wreckage.

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