Argento is a Tsviet who plays a minor role in the Online Mode of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

Unlike other Tsviets, Argento is not much of a fighter. Instead, she acts as an instructor and observer, embodying the phrase "strength hidden in weakness." Argento wears a predominately white version of the uniform worn by Deepground Commanders; a crownlike visor appears on her head, and an eyepatch covers her right eye. Argento wields a black and silver SOLDIER broadsword with an engraved hilt. It was she who designed the other Tsviets' weapons. Argento took great care in doing so; she ensured that each weapon bore a unique color.

During a conversation with Shelke, Argento reveals her hatred of the Restrictors, whom she and the other Tsviets plan to overthrow. Argento presents a pair of pistol swords to Weiss the Immaculate after he is set free; the man uses them to battle Rosso the Crimson and Azul the Cerulean, as well as to kill the leader of the Restrictors. This secures the freedom of Argento and the other Tsviets.

Argento and the other Tsviets are present when the player character dies after receiving a fatal wound from the leader of the Restrictors. It is unknown what became of Argento after this.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Argento is the Italian word for "silver".

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