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Arenvald Lentinus is a character in Final Fantasy XIV. Initially a background member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Arenvald gains a major role starting in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.


Early life[]

Arenvald was born to an Ala Mhigan woman, whom he implied was raped by one of the Garlean occupiers, resulting in his conception. His mother hated Arenvald for his half-Garlean heritage and abused him. She became convinced that he was growing the trademark Garlean third eye, despite this only occurring in pureblood Garleans, and took a knife to his forehead to cut it out. She soon after abandoned him, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets while he was still a young teenager. His mother's assault left a permanent scar on his forehead, and Arenvald took to wearing warpaint to cover it up. His halfbreed heritage caused him to feel like an outcast in the eyes of both Ala Mhigo and Garlemald, and he eventually fled the city.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

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Arenvald learned that he possessed the gift of the Echo, which allowed him to resonate with other people's souls. This led to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn recruiting him. Arenvald stayed in the Scions' original headquarters of the Waking Sands in Western Thanalan, offering his opinion on current events. He was one of the few survivors of Livia sas Junius' attack on the Waking Sands, and chose to remain stationed there in memory of his fallen comrades when the reconstituted Scions relocated to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

After the Battles of Baelsar's Wall, the Eorzean Alliance began a campaign to free Ala Mhigo from its Garlean occupation. Seeing an opportunity to free his homeland and prove himself as a worthy Ala Mhigan, Arenvald jumped at the opportunity to join the Scions at this task. He remained behind to assist the Ala Mhigan campaign when the Warrior of Light's party traveled to Doma. During this time Arenvald and Krile Baldesion escorted wounded Scions back to the Rising Stones when their retinue was ambushed by a contingent led by Fordola rem Lupis, an Ala Mhigan turned Garlean loyalist. Amid the battle, Arenvald's Echo gave him a glimpse of Fordola's past, learning that the purpose behind the attack was to abduct Krile. The distraction caused by the vision took Arenvald out of the battle, and the Garleans escaped with Krile.

As the Eorzean Alliance gained ground against the Empire, Arenvald's squad became aware of a suspicious pair wearing Garlean uniforms tailing the army through the Peaks. While they lost the pair at first, they were eventually apprehended after Ala Mhigo was liberated, revealed to be Laurentius Daye and Yuyuhase Luluhase, Ilberd Feare's co-conspirators in the massacre at Baelsar's Wall.

The Scions began to assist Ala Mhigo re-establish itself. Seeking to help the newly-liberated nation with its financial problems, Arenvald recruited the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur in finding the legendary treasure vaults of the Mad King Theodoric. The vaults were found beneath the city, in the Drowned City of Skalla, and the treasure was handed over to the Ala Mhigan Resistance to be sold to bolster their coffers.

After a riot nearly broke out due to Ala Mhigans seeking the execution of the imprisoned Fordola rem Lupis, Arenvald requested to speak to her. His previous encounter with her, and concurrent vision of her past, had given him some insight to her motives. She asked to be publicly executed, knowing that her death would unite the Ala Mhigan people, making her something of a martyr. Arenvald later noted that during their conversation, it seemed as though she was getting visions from her own Echo, leading to the realization that she was constantly seeing the memories of all the people around her, including those of the people she had hurt, and was feeling immense guilt as a result.

During a conference attended by the leaders of the disparate villages and tribes of Gyr Abania to determine Ala Mhigo's future, a group of tempered Ananta summoned the primal Lakshmi. Arenvald, being immune to tempering thanks to his Echo, joined the Warrior of Light in defending the leaders from the primal. They were aided by Fordola, and together the three banished the primal.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Raubahn Aldynn recruited Arenvald and Fordola into an elite anti-primal task force. While they were both young and inexperienced compared to the other members of the group, their immunity to and ability to protect their squadmates from tempering allowed them to act as an effective frontline.

They were assigned to investigate one of Fandaniel's towers located at Paglth'an. Upon entry, Arenvald and Fordola discovered a terminal of Garlean origin and multitudes of Amalj'aa held captive. When he investigated one, Arenvald was met with a resonating alarm that triggered the summoning of Lunar Ifrit. The two escaped with their lives, but Arenvald was gravely injured, the doctors telling him he may never walk again, rendering him incapable to continue his part in Raubahn's anti-primal task force. Despite this, the now wheelchair-using Arenvald provided words of encouragement to Alphinaud after the young Elezen learned of his condition, asking him to continue fighting. Though Arenvald initially believed he could no longer lend a helping hand, Fordola supported him and reminded him there were other ways he could help, lifting Arenvald's spirits.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

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As Raubahn brings the Warrior of Light to Ala Gannha to search for blasphemies brought on by the Final Days, Arenvald met with them on shift with the Silver Griffins, created by Raganfrid.[1] Having grown up half-Garlean under Imperial rule, Arenvald felt that he could understand why those who had chosen to work for the Empire while occupying Ala Mhigo did what they had to do. Alongside other Ala Mhigans, the Silver Griffins worked to help those Ala Mhigans find a future in the newly liberated Gyr Abania. During their visit, Arenvald explained he saw an Echo vision of a man who turned into a blasphemy: a man who had turned to the Empire to help raise his son during the occupation, and thought he was undeserving of anyone's forgiveness.

Fordola joined with the Warrior of Light to help former members of the Skulls as they searched for the escaped blasphemy. Arenvald worried for her, knowing she could easily transform due to the stress and burden she carried. After Fordola nearly succumbed to the effects of her emotions, Arenvald wished he could switch places with her. He was invited to meet with Nanamo Ul Namo alongside the Warrior of Light, as Raubahn believed Arenvald's experiences could tell the sultana how things were in Ala Mhigo. He earned the sultana's respect for his continued efforts to help the former Skulls soldiers, and proposed a memorial ceremony for those lost.

As he planned the memorial service, he struggled to identify missing citizens, inlcuding the Skulls and their families, as well as being able to respectfully speak on their crimes while also laying them to rest with other victims. He asked the Warrior of Light to invite M'rahz Nunh and Sarisha to the memorial service in hope that even those who were victims to the Skulls could understand the importance of a memorial service for all Ala Mhigans lost in the revolution. After sending the invitations, Arenvald invited the Warrior of Light to a meeting in the palace, where the leaders of Gyr Abania settlements met to discuss the inclusion of the Skulls. Alongside Raubahn, he pleaded with the group to understand that accepting the crimes of their fellow countrymen while still mourning who they could be is not meant to negate the suffering they caused. By the end of the meeting, all in attendance seemed to be satisfied with the decision made for the memorial service.

Not long after, Fordola escaped the group of soldiers she was leading. Arenvald joined Raubahn and the Warrior of Light in Ala Gannha to speak with a mother and daughter that Fordola saved from blasphemies before. They discovered that Fordola experienced an Echo vision while speaking with the two, found the identity of the blasphemy that escaped the Ala Mhigan Quarter to be an old friend of hers. Arenvald stayed with the mother and her daughter as Raubahn and the Warrior of Light went to look for information.[2]

Later, Arenvald is with Raubahn when M'naago Rahz and her search party encounter Fordola, who was searching for Fordola's childhood friend turned blasphemy. At Specula Imperatoris, he arrived not long after Fordola nearly succumbed to the effects of dynamis, to show her that she is still capable of protecting something and that she is not the Butcher she was branded as. He spoke to the transformed Charlet, revealing he recieved an Echo vision of his past as well, and how one can still support their loved ones outside of battle. After Fordola's triumph in laying Charlet to rest, Arenvald and Fordola high five one another.[3]

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Arenvald is a stocky Ala Mhigan Highlander with light blond hair and olive eyes. In A Realm Reborn, he wears a weathered green tabard and goatskin leg guards, and briefly adopts the Crystal Braves uniform, which is a royal blue Grand Company jacket with black gloves and boots. In Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, he wears Silver Titanium armor and wields the Inquisitor's Tuck and Ancient Buckler in battle. He retains the same armor and weapon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, but after his injury, wears a yellow tabard and a cast on his leg, while also using a wheelchair for mobility aid.


Despite his traumatic past, Arenvald is kind, supportive and loyal to those he considers friends. He has moments of being the comic relief.

Following the events that led to Ala Mhigo's liberation, Arenvald endeavored to do what he could to aid his homeland, despite the painful memories of his childhood. Arenvald is insightful, able to interpret Fordola rem Lupis's actions and beliefs during her imprisonment.


Arenvald appears as an Ally in the instance Return of the Bull where he assists the player in dissipating Aether Spheres with Deflect, and fighting the boss in both instances.

Triple Triad[]

Arenvald Lentinus Card
Arenvald Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 198
Total stats 22
Type Scion
Description “For a long time, I struggled to make sense of that day at the Waking Sands. Why I survived when A'aba and Aulie didn't. Not anymore.”
Obtain Won from Umber Torrent, The Lochs (16, 24)



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